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It’s been a while since we’ve had a new Skirted Roundtable interview, so we wanted to make this one extra special – and it is!  Wow!  Miles Redd!!  Yes!!!



OK, so all day I was nervous as all get out thinking about how I was going to be talking with Mr. Miles Redd, probably the hottest, most in demand interior designer working today.  Moi.  Talking with Miles.  Yep.  In the end, all the nervousness was for naught because it turns out Miles is just Miles, a nice, polite, and ultra sweet southern gentleman.  A real mensch – if only he was Jewish. 


Image 3

Miles doesn’t particularly like to email.  He actually likes to talk on the telephone and call people back – no matter who they are!!!  You want to talk with Miles?  Call him.  He’ll call you back.  He’s THAT nice.  He heads up the chicest design company around, so how many people work for him?   Fifteen?  Twenty?  Try four.  Four people.  And he mentions them all by their names.  As Linda pointed out, that was a first, EVER.

The niceness just goes on and on.  Need a source?  Need a tradesman?  Need to know the color of the paint on his front door?  Just ask him.  He shares it ALL.  But, not the color of his front door paint.  That was a custom mix and he has no idea what color it is.  You know his townhouse - where he lives on a few floors and his married sister lives on the other floors with her family.   But she’s moving out to a bigger space and Miles is taking over the entire townhouse.  He can’t wait either.  He’s scheming and dreaming about it.


Front door

THE townhouse, where design aficionados pay homage to Miles walking by it while visiting NYC.  I’d probably just loiter around it all day, hoping to have him come out and take pity on me and invite me inside for a tour.



The famous Miles Redd skirted table.


Miles has a new book out, and it’s a stunning collection of images.  Pictures that have inspired him are mixed in with photographs of his work.  But sometimes it’s hard to discern what is the inspiration and what is his work - the images are seamless.   Many are new photographs showing  perspectives not seen before. 



For instance, this Houston, Texas house was shown in Veranda.  This angle of the room was the only one we’ve seen, to date.  But in the book – we see another image of the same room:


Houston LR

Here – you can see how the living room sits off the main entry hall.   And who knew that zebra pillow was on the sofa?   And in the book, next to this picture, is the inspiration for the curtains.  Let’s just say – Audrey Hepburn.  Again, who knew?   By the way, Miles lets us know that he is now working on his second house in Houston.  No names mentioned though. He’s not stupid! 

The book is full of visual surprises, one after another.  The cover itself is wonderful, showing his famous zebra and nailheads door:


Big Book of Chich Hardcase 3D Cover HR

Miles claims this zebra door is one of only three original ideas he has ever had.  Yeah, sure Miles – just three?  Originally  he claimed it was just two ideas, but later in the interview he adds a third one.   Yet, he has trouble sleeping – in his dreams he sees fabulous, original rooms that amaze even him when he awakes.



He freely admits this red lacquered and brass library was completely inspired by red library designed by the late, great, Albert Hadley.  Those bookshelves!!!!




There was a lot talk about his mirrored bathroom – where he’s been known to host dinner parties. 



Courtesy of Paul Costello

And how it took the photographer just 15 takes to get this iconic picture, which was Miles’ own idea.  That art-deco, marble and mirrored bathroom – to die for!!!   He bought the vintage room after the museum in Chicago turned it down.  It just happened to fit perfectly in his townhouse.  I’ve always loved the peek at his red socks in this picture that seems almost black and white.

He is such a doll, such a sweet, sweet man, you will fall in love with him and wish you could hire him just to become friends with him! 


Zebra door

Myself, I am just obsessed with the zebra door and keep wishing I had a space worthy of such a fabulous portal. 

To listen, go to the Skirted Roundtable website HERE

Big Book of Chic 3D cover MR

To order Miles’ The Big Book of Chic, click on the picture below:







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