Monday, November 25, 2013

Wonderful New Giveaway–Jewelry by Karen Sugarman

One of my favorite sponsors is also one of my longest and most loyal sponsors – Karen Sugarman Designs.    I’m totally in love with her jewelry which she designs – and I love to read about the inspiration behind her pieces, which she writes about in her blog HERE.
Karen’s last blog entry was about this necklace – owned by Elizabeth Taylor, which she was inspired to recreate.
Elizabeth Taylor’s necklace was made of antique ivory opera tokens from the 18th and 19th century, and was valued at $1,500 to $2,000 but was auctioned at $314,500.00!!  

Inspired by the token necklace, Karen designed this one and offered others for sale either like this or with individualized tokens.
Recently she wrote HERE about a work in progress token necklace that she is currently making for a client – each token was hand drawn and created especially for the client.  It’s a fascinating story and makes me wish I had ordered one myself.  It’s just so beautiful!   
Antique Chinese Game Counter Peridot Baroque Pearls Necklace
I especially love this necklace Karen designed – with an antique Chinese gaming counter hanging from a chain of peridot and pearls.   Beautiful!

Multicolored Moonstone Necklace Antique Gilt Carnelian Fob - Elise III Necklace image 4
Another favorite is this antique carnelian fob – love it.   And I love Karen’s styling too.   Her presentation is an art in itself.

Guilloche Locket Grisaille Putti Pink Pearls Labradorite Necklace image 5
There is this antique Victorian peacock blue guilloche mourning locket – hanging from pearls.

A Shell Of An Idea III Necklace - Antique Angel Skin Coral Cameo image 3
My absolute favorite – this antique cameo on a necklace of shells.  Perfection.
Ruby Red Venetian Glass Intaglio Cameo Fleur de Lis Pink Opaline Crystal Rhinestone Earrings - Vittoria Earrings
There are also bracelets and earrings – such as this stunning pair 0f red intaglios surrounded by pink opaline.
The giveaway necklace was inspired by Karen’s love of the Quatrefoil shape.
The quatrefoil is an ancient Christian symbol used in architecture – the name is derived from the Latin word for four leaves – as the Quatrefoil resembles a four leaf clover.  
In Christianity – the four sided shape is said to symbolize the four evangelists – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 
The height of the Quatrefoil’s popularity was during the Gothic and Renaissance eras – but today, the Quatrefoil is experiencing a resurgence – and it’s shape can be found everywhere.

File:Quatrefoil, St. Guthlac, Croyland Abbey.JPG
An example of a quatrefoil found in architecture.   This is at the Croyland Abbey and depicts the life of St. Guthlac.  

A stained glass quatrefoil found in a church in Chiswick, England.

Here is an architectural example from today – the kitchen in actor Robert Pattinson’s house boasts a quatrefoil window.

This gorgeous example is from the kitchen in Velvet and Linen’s new house.  There is a matching quatrefoil on the opposite side of this space in the living room. 
McAlpine Tankersley designed this quatrefoil window for a house in Nashville.
And another by McAlpine Tankersley – this window lays on its side.
Suzanne Kasler designed this chair using a quatrefoil for inspiration.
Kasler also designed this line of quatrefoil lamps.

Charming shutters using the design.

Fountains in the quatrefoil shape are popular.

The quatrefoil is a very popular design in papers, in linens, and in fabrics. 
You can even get the shape in tiles – in fact this is what inspired Karen Sugarman in her jewelry design – this tile is what she wanted for her master bathroom renovation – until she priced it.  Stunning!
And here is the giveaway – this beautiful mother of pearl quatrefoil necklace, hanging from a chain of pearls and crystals:

The Rules:
To enter the giveaway – you need to first visit Karen Sugarman’s web site HERE,
look around and find your favorite item.  Then, come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite piece was.  That’s all!
Be sure to leave your email address on the comment if you are Anonymous!!
The contest starts today – November 25 and lasts until Thursday, November 28th at 11:59 pm.
And as an extra bonus – any piece you purchase will be discounted by 15 per cent!
To receive your discount – be sure to enter the coupon code “Cote de Texas 2013” before you purchase anything.
Karen’s pieces make the perfect Christmas gift so look around in order to use the 15 per cent discount!!!
Good luck!!!
And finally, a huge thank you to Karen Sugarman for another wonderful giveaway!!!!

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