Monday, October 22, 2007

Leo DiCaprio's Malee-boo Modern

The children have been clamoring and crying for some information on the modern Malee-boo crib that Leo DiCaprio quietly purchased earlier this year for $6,350,000, and RADAR has apparently heard your wailing and responded with all the pix real estate porn lovers can handle.

For the record, Your Mama loves this place. We find it to be extremely well located, modest in size, clean and crisp in appearance and more a-list neighbors than you can shake a stick at.

Not sure why Mister DiCaprio needs three ocean front homes in Malee-boo, but who are we to question the capricious real estate desires of the very rich and famous?

And of course, Your Mama wishes all the Malee-booans health and safety as they grapple and cope with the out of control blaze sweeping through the area.

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