Thursday, February 19, 2009

Your Mama Hears...

...from a source we'll call Betty Blathersalot that Jenufleck or Affner–or whatever it is all the celebrity gossips call Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner–are back out looking for big new digs and have their notoriously fickle eyes on a twenty+ million dollar property.

The couple currently shack up in Brentwood at the house Miz Garner owned before hitching her wagon to Mister Affleck. But soon after a bun showed up in Miz Garner's oven, the happily marrieds starting touring all the high priced properties in the Platinum Triangle and beyond.

The freakishly well informed Nelly Knowsitall told us some time ago that Garfleck–or whatever–have come thisclose to buying at least five lavish estates including one on S. Mapleton Drive in the Holmby Hills and another one not too far from the wonderfully accented blog queen Ariana Huffington's home on N. Carmelina Avenue in Brentwood. But when push came to shove and it was time to put the quill to the contract, the indecisive duo got cold feet and backed away from each of the deals. More recently, we chit-chatted with Ms. Knowsitall who whispered in our big ear that she hears that Affgar–or whatever–are now planning to sit tight on Tigertail Road until the market stabilizes a bit.

On the contrary, another of Your Mama's better connected sources who is not Betty Blathersalot tells us the paparazzi hounded parents of two are indeed negotiating for a very impressive piece of real estate.

So who knows? However, if they really do buy the house we hear they're hot for, it would be a real mitzvah for the sellers who have been trying to unload their very private and well secured white elephant for a long time.

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