Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rumor Has It...

...That big booty Beyoncé Knowles and her music mogul huzband Jay-Z are snatching up a contemporary country crib in the unlikely town of New Ringgold, PA, a bucolic community two hours west of New York City better known for its sagging mining economy than its celebrity residents.

The Grammy winning superstars are allegedly purchasing 210 acres of gently rolling countryside that includes frontage on the trout stocked Little Schuylkill river and a sprawling 16,000 square foot steel, wood, concrete and glass residence. According to listing information for the property there are 4 bedrooms, 5 full and 3 half poopers, 3 or more fireplaces, a 4-car garage, a vintage 8-bedroom Sears house, a one bedroom guest house, and a restored bank barn. What Juju and JayJay, a coupla big city people, might want with a damn bank barn is beyond Your Mama's boozy woozy brain to figure out. But then again, who are we to question or understand the wacky real estate ways of the rich and famous?

Although unconfirmed rumors persist that the luxe-livin' couple who often scoot around in the back seat of a chauffeur driven Maybach have been spotted in the New Ringold area at places like Heiser's Cloverleaf Dairy and Boyer's supermarket, an Associated Press report on PhillyBurbs.com says, "No deed has been recorded in the courthouse, no real estate transfer tax has been paid, and the celebs have yet to request a showing, according to the real estate agent listing the house."

First of all, does Beyoncé really go to the market herself? Take a moment, children, to imagine Beyoncé in the frozen damn foods aisle in a pair of $73,000 shooz trying to make a decision about what Lean Cuisine to buy. Secondly, our own peep and poke around the property records didn't turn up any record of any kind of transaction either so make of this real estate rumor what you will.

photos: Realtor.com

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