Friday, October 25, 2013

A Few End of Week Tidbits (10-25-13)

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld opened the doors to the—ahem—"laid back" mansion-cottage that anchors their 10+ acre ocean-front estate in high-fallutin' East Hampton (NY) to the folk at InStyle magazine. That would be the one with the with a private baseball field and 22-car garage. (InStyle via Curbed)


In case y'all didn't already know, American professional pigskinner Tom Brady and Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bündchen are extraordinarily rich real estate size queens. Not only do they own a hulking 22,000 square foot—ahem—eco-conscious mansion in Los Angeles and have plans to erect a similarly sized chateau on a large, leafy lot in the waspy Chestnut Hill area of Brookline, MA. The latest scuttlebutt out of Manhattan via Page Six of the New York Post is that the property-mad pair are in contract to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $14 million for a 47th floor condo at the sleek, very glassy, and painfully slender One Madison Park building in the fully gentrified and trendified Flatiron District. (New York Post)


We don't think it sound the least bit odd to anyone who knows a thing about residential features favored by the rich and famous but building plans for former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's new holiday hideaway in Holladay, UT call for a secret room to be installed behind a swiveling bookcase. The narrow space is marked innocuously as "office storage" on architectural plans but New York Magazine speculates the  5' by 11' room could be used to store Mister Romney's shy tax files. But, really, what does Your Mama or anyone else really know? It could also be the Romney's will outfit the room as a panic room, a walk-in safe, a wine cellar or, perhaps, a therapeutic deprivation tank. Who knows? Anyone care?

P.S. The secret room, by the way, is not located in the 9,000 square foot log-built chalet Mister and Missus Romney just bought for $8.9 million in the upscale (ski) resort town of Park City, UT. The no-longer-secret room is planned for a different house the couple his having custom built, as we mentioned, in Holladay, a southeaster suburb of Salt Lake City about 30 miles from Park City. (The Salt Lake Tribune via New York Magazine)


Didjy'all hear Madonna finally sold her Sunset Boulevard mansion to a Wall Street big wig for $19.5 million? Yeah, we did too. Well, actually...first Your Mama heard it was sold to a low profile but stinking rich local family then we heard it was to the same hedge fund fella that used to own Tyler Perry's old house in the Bird Streets but, honestly, we're just not sure. (Los Angeles Times and TMZ)


And, finally, just for shits and giggles (via those always-on-top-of-it kids at Curbed):

Amid much hullabaloo and whatnot by property gossips, a luxe-livin' lady named Galina Anisimova has pushed her walled and guard-gated bay front compound in Brooklyn's solidly upper middle class (and increasing affluent) Mill Basin neighborhood on the open market with a stupendous $30,000,000 price tag.

Miz Anisimova is the wife (and ex-wife and wife again) of semi-reclusive Russian multi-billionaire Vasily Asimov—his money is largely from aluminum and other mined metals—and the mother of Anna Anisimova, the pampered young woman who last year put her 4,000 square foot 75th floor apartment at the Time Warner Center on the open market with a $50 million price tag.

Anways, Momma Anisimova's almost psychotically contemporary compound in Mill Basin—once an Italian residential stronghold and now inhabited by a whole lot of Russians—has two mansions, one three stored the other four, that together encompass 23,000 square feet with a combined total of 10 bedrooms and 11 full and 4 half bathrooms* plus four kitchens, several wet bars, and two elevators. We counted underground garage parking for seven cars plus above ground garage parking for three more, and that's not counting the twenty or so cars that can park securely in the massive motor court in front of the main house.

Floor plans included with digital marketing materials are worth a look-see and show a 125-foot long boomerang-shaped open-concept main living area, a 1,000 square foot water-side swimming pool ringed by thick foliage and a cantilevered promenade, roof decks atop both residences, and a private marina capable of hosting seven boats. A top-floor meditation lounge with a pyramidal skylight and a wall of curved glass gives way to a nearly 1,600 square foot wrap-around terrace with sweeping bay, marsh, and Belt Parkway views. (Curbed)

*In case any of y'all might be curious, those figures break down—by Your Mama's count—to four bedrooms and seven full and two half bathrooms plus a staff bedroom and bathroom in the main house and three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms plus an attached but separate 2-3 bedroom staff suite with 1.5 bathrooms in the detached guest house.

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