Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mid-Week Morsel: The Royal Couple

Prince Duke William and Her Duchess Highness Kate—or whatever their official titles are—are ready to move into their newly re-done apartment at London's historic Kensington Palace and details are beginning to seep out about the recent overhaul of the 20-room spread that was for many years the grace and favor residence of the current queen's late sister, Princess Margaret.

So the story goes, the queen-to-be spent the months of her recent pregnancy bargain shopping and picking out lots of beige-y neutrals and earthtones this and thats for the decorative do-over of the massive, mansion-sized apartment that the kids at Curbed reported yesterday as three kitchens, two nurseries, a master suite with his and her bathrooms, and a panic room that is '"dressed up to look like any other room in the house, but it's equipped for a number of scenarios."'

photo: Pacific Coast News

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