Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jared Followill Lists Nashville Bachelor Pad

SELLER: Jared Followill
LOCATION: Nashville, TN
PRICE: $3,500,000
SIZE: 8,050 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5 full and 2 half bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Back in late 2009 Your Mama discussed with the children Grammy-winning Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill's $1,825,000 purchase of a modern-minded and newly constructed bachelor pad mansion in the leafy and prosperous Green Hills area of Nashville, TN.

Fast forward to last fall (2012) and the 25-year old platinum selling rock star hitched his love wagon to a slightly younger brown haired gal named Martha Patterson and, as rich and/or famous folk often do in the wake of marriage, divorce and/or a new baby, the newly-wedded couple hoisted Mister Followill's former bachelor pad on the market with an asking price of $3,500,000.*

Current listing details show the vaguely chalet-like and slightly cathedral-esque, three-story residence, completed in 2009, sits on just over an acre of hillside land with five bedrooms and five full and two half bathrooms in 8,050 square feet of fairly airy interior space.** The ceilings throughout much of the mansion appear to be nicely high and the wood floors in much of the house are graphically striated, wide plank, high-gloss, and Goddamn gorgeous. Large expanses and, in some cases, entire walls of windows suck up postcard worthy tree top, rolling mountain, and big sky views.

A compact entry opens into a spacious (and sparely furnished) combination formal living/dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows and a raised firebox with chatoyant stainless still surround. Say what y'all may but, even though we find the over-sized square mirror in the dining area appallingly pedestrian and the multi-candle centerpiece on the table wholly unnecessary, Your Mama thinks the George Nelson bubble light fixture and the Gaudi-ish dining room table and chairs are a exceptionally taut and rather inspired pair since—if you look closely—they speak the same language, as do the trio of sinuous electric guitars hung on the wall as art. Anyhoodles...

The sizable center island kitchen, outfitted with top-quality finishes and equipped with high-grade appliances, adjoins a family room where a group of caramel-colored tufted leather seating is arranged for optimal viewing of the flat-screen television that's mounted over another raised fireplace with another one of those chatoyant (and ever-so-contemporary) stainless steel surrounds.

The formal living/dining room and the family room both have long banks of glass doors that slide open to a kind of indoor porch with grey tile floors, high ceilings, and an entire wall of wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows. French doors on either side of a stone fireplace—one not surprisingly surmounted by a flat-screen boob-toob—open to a small, trellised terrace with a big view.

We're not sure where each of the five bedrooms are located but it seems clear from listing photos that in addition to whatever bedrooms may (or may not) be up there, the mansion's uppermost floor offers a central common space where Mister Followill has a cache of musical instruments, including a complete and probably loud drum set. A few steps up from the music room, a crow's nest lounge has more of those verdant, wrap round views of the green hills of Green Hills.

The finished area of lowest living level includes a number of recreation and amusement spaces such as a concrete-floored fitness room, a home theater with built-in wet bar/candy counter, and a temperature controlled walk-in wine cellar and tasting room minimally furnished with nothing more than a rustic farmhouse table and eight, Eames-designed Eiffel Tower-base molded plastic chairs.

A matching set of exterior stairs leads down from the slender terrace that runs along the back of the lowest level to a negative-edge swimming pool that fairly well mimics the residence's complicated roof-line. To one side of the pool there's a shaded outdoor kitchen/barbecue situation with four-stool snack counter and in the middle of the pool there's a raised circular spa. That means, of course, that every time Pacolito the house boy brings a fresh round of gin & tonics to spa-sitters he has to wade inconveniently ankle deep into the pool.

We confess that we (currently) have no inside intel about where Mister and Missus Followill plan to move but iffen we had to guess—and we don't have to guess, of course—we'd predict they're headed towards and similarly large and (arguably) more family friendly mansion in one of Nashville's more exclusive and expensive zip codes.

*Actually Mister (and Missus) Followill listed the Green Hills property back in April (2013) at the same $3.5 million price but it's now, after several prompts by a couple of in-the-know Nashvillians, that Your Mama is getting around to it. Don't hate. Sometimes, children, it just goes down like that. Anyways...

**Listing details from the time of Mister Followill's purchase put the house at 7,441 square feet. Make of the discrepancy what you will.

listing photos: Showcase Photographers for Fridrich & Clark

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