Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moby Needs Another Buyer

Your Mama is a little late to the rodeo ring on this one, but since we like Moby the music man (and his little tea shop Teany on Rivington Street on the Lower East Side), we figured late was better than never.

See puppies, celebrity real estate gossip Josh Barbanel at the NY Times reported that the co-op board recently rejected a buyer for Moby's $7,500,000, four floor aerie in the south tower of the swanky El Dorado on Central Park West (as reported on Radar Online). Bummer for the sanguine Moby who seems to be handling the board's denial with an admirable diplomacy.

So Your Mama wants to encourage all you New York people with fat bank accounts, penthouse dreams and strong glutes to ring up one of his real estate agents and purchase his uptown House of Stairs so that Moby can move back downtown where he belongs.

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