Sunday, May 20, 2007

Russell and Kimora Lee List Los Angeles House Too

SELLERS: Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons
PRICE: $5,800,000
LOCATION: N. Doheny Drive, Los Angeles, CA
SIZE: 5,818 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: This private, gated villa above the Sunset Strip boasts 5 bedrooms and 4 baths on over 5,800 square feet. This Mediterranean style home has high ceilings and great finishes. Also features a beautiful pool area for entertaining and a large motor court for more than ample parking.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: First the couple put their upsetting and overly opulent 35,000 square foot New Jersey mega mansion on the market, and now this hip hop couple have put their bird streets pied a terre on the market for $5,800,000.

Property records indicate the couple purchased this house in August of 2005 for $5,250,052. Which means they ain't gonna make much money on this house once they pay out the hefty real estate fees which could run the couple upwards of $250,000. Not that they need the money, of course.

The house was listed only a few days ago, and the listing agent has not yet provided any interior photos of the house, however, we pulled some photos from an old listing of the house, probably when the Simmons' bought the place. Please note, these photos do not reflect the taste of Miss Kimora Lee. Your Mama still does not have photos of the interior after the Simmons treatment, but we expect it will present a similar image of extreme and showy wealth that their New Jersey mansion does.

Your Mama must say, we were surprised at the relative modesty of this house. Sure, it's located in a great area, but seriously, peeple, we were under the (obviously false) impression that Miss Kimora needed at least 5,000 square feet just for her private bath, dressing rooms, and closets. Maybe she keeps her wardrobe in another house close by, right?

And before you people get all up in our face about how we are just jealous of this couple's money and success, let Your Mama tell you that we are not. We have zero issue with rich people with vast sums of expendable income to spend on a $400,000 Bentley and $4,000,000 paintings. All the more power to them. We just have issues with decor that slaps people hard in the face and says "LOOK HOW MUCH MONEY WE HAVE!!!" Some people like that shit, and some, like Your Mama, don't.

We imagine the sale of this property has something to do with the impending dee-vorce of Russell and Kimora. All this community property must be sold off, the proceeds split up, and etc. so the two of them can go off and buy their own opulent bachelor and bachelorette pads.

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