Wednesday, May 2, 2007

UPDATE: Britney Spears

The not very secret concerts in far flung locales like San Diego and Anaheim aren't the only news that Britney Spears is making this week.

Today X17 reports that every one's favorite bewigged white trash multi-millionaire single mother is once again looking at real estate in Malee-boo. Good grief, here we go again. We just don't know if we can stomach another round of Britney's fickle relationship to the real estate.

The house X17 reports Brit Brit looked at with her cuzzin Alli this last weekend is the very same house we discussed some time back that is currently owned by Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Jane Seymour.

If y'all recall, the 7 bedroom, 6 bathroom house sits on six acres with lovely views of the Pacific and had long been owned by troubled actor Stacy Keach, who happens to be Seymour's brother in law. The Winding Way estate had fallen into a state of severe shabby, so Seymour and huzband James Keach stepped in, purchased the house, put A LOT of money into renovating the place, and popped it up on the market for $12,995,000.

Recently he house appeared to have found a buyer and disappeared from the MLS. But Last week it popped back up at the same list price. Rather than purchase the house, X17 reports that their sources tell them Brit Brit is looking to possibly lease the place at a whopping $40,000 per month.

Does this mean Spears sold the Bev Hills house? Does this mean a buyer has been found for the Serra Retreat house in Malee-boo? Or does this just mean she's unwisely upping her mammoth monthly nut by renting (or buying) another very expensive piece of real estate? Your Mama hopes it's a lease because between her bad real estate juju and the swimming pool in the front yard, she might have trouble unloading this place when she gets tahred of it...and we all know she will.

Heaven help us all as we are once again swept up into Brit Brit's chaotic world of merry go round houses.

Sources: X17

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