Sunday, May 6, 2007

Two More Juicy Tidbits on the Crooz News

Before Your Mama hightails it out of Los Angeles for Palm Springs we have one more piece of news regarding the house TomKat purchased in Beverly Hills.

One of Your Mamas most reliable sources confirmed that indeed The Crooz bought Kurt Rappaport's house as we reported earlier today and that the filthy rich Scientologist paid $30,500,000 for the remodeled estate.

Your Mama is concerned where the paps are going to camp out at the end of the gates. Not only is the Calle Vista a narrow and winding street, there is no street parking. Clearly there was a method to Crooz's madness and he's successfully twarted the photogs from being able to camp out at the foot of the drive.

Another source tells us she thinks the Torreyson Drive compound is some sort of Scientology retreat. Good grief that's even worse that TomKat and the Kitten living up there. But at least the residents on Torreyson Drive can breathe easier now that TomKat is not coming to town.

Now, let's try to keep quiet about these two for awhile.

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