Saturday, March 7, 2009

McDreamy's Dream House

SELLER: Patrick Dempsey
LOCATION: Chantilly Road, Bel Air, CA
PRICE: $3,595,000
SIZE: 3,841 square feet, 4 bedrooms 5.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Gated beautiful New England style Traditional. Redone with classic details and finishes. Large living room with fireplace, formal dining room, chef's kitchen opens to family room. Large master and closets. Lots of flat lawn, pool and tree house.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: After receiving a covert communique from Big Dave at Celebrity Address Aerial, Your Mama feels compelled to interrupt our Bridge lesson with Mama Cooter (that's right, Bridge lessons) to discuss the pretty property in Bel Air that Grey's Anatomy aphrodisiac Patrick Dempsey just hoisted on the market with an asking price of $3,595,000.

Although Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter will watch just about any crap-ass reality program that sees the light of the cathode ray tube, we can not bear those damn hospital dramas which means our gin sotted brain can't ever recall sitting through a single episode of Mister Dempsey's Grey's Anatomy program that people seem to like so much. What we do know about Mister Dempsey we know from reading the gossip glossies, which means we know he–along with that getting awfully big for her britches smokestack Kathy Heigl–has made quite a name for himself strutting around in a white doctor's smock with a scruffy face that all the ladees and the gays want to rub up on.

Records show the Mister Dempsey purchased his modestly dignified digs on Chantilly Road in July of 2006 for $3,100,000. Listing information indicates the gated and hedged New England-y nest measures 3,841 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms with two bedrooms "suites" on the ground floor, a master suite on the second and the remaining sleeping chamber located over the garage with its own outdoor stair and entrance. Listing information also shows there are formal living and dining rooms and a chef's kitchen that opens to the family room.

Someone worked hard to make the exterior of the white brick and clapboard house authentic to its intended style with the black shutters and dentil molding all up in the eaves. Your Mama really hopes the shutters actually open and close, otherwise it's like wearing eye glasses with non-prescription lenses, which is just stoopid.

Fortunately, the front of the property is properly hedged for privacy since the house sits close enough to the road that without that hedge anyone walking their damn dog could easily see what the Dempsey family was having for dessert. The narrow front yard has a charming brick walkway that leads from the brick driveway to the front door and we're loving that the bulk of the landscaping is green because we think all green gardens are so elegant and so perfect with these New England-y types of house. Planting a bunch of multi-colored petunias would just make it all so clunky and well, middle brow, you know? When Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter had a little shingled farmhouse by the beach on the east coast, we ripped out the overgrown and un-cared for English cottage garden and replaced it with an all green garden but for the daffodils that would sprout up willy-nilly each spring.

We're also swooning over the tree house that sits high up on the hillside and cantilevered over the back yard. What child would not love such a folly? We may be about a hundred years from being a child (and we don't even really like children that much), but if we lived in this house that little porch is where Your Mama would sit in a comfy chair in the early afternoons with a pitcher of gin and tonics re-reading all that poor dead David Foster Wallace's novels and stories and surveying our domain.

It seems a bit strange that Mister Dempsey would choose to sell so soon after buying, particularly in this economic climate. However, we wish him and his family well wherever they may land.

Now then, we gotta get back to the table so we can fly some more cards.

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