Wednesday, March 18, 2009

UPDATE: Mariah Carey

Nothing like a little real estate rumor and gossip to start the morning...

A few weeks ago, Your Mama revealed that whistle stop warbler Mariah Carey was sniffing around Los Angeles for a west coast crib. Well, hold on to your britches children because new reports have surfaced that Miss Mariah and her man-mate Nick Cannon have made an offer on Fleur de Lys, the $125,000,000 Holmby Hills architectural extravaganza owned by couture queen Suzanne Saperstein who was granted the wildly lavish and ridiculously ritzy residential beast in her much yakked about dee-vorce from Texan tycoon David Saperstein.

The faux French pile sits on 5+ acres of choice real estate and measures a boo-teek hotel-sized 35,046 square feet. (Some reports put the place at closer to 45,000 square feet and it probably is when you add up all the interior spaces including the pool house and staff quarters.) In addition to a dozen or more rooms filled with a freighter-full of exceedingly expensive 18th century furniture, there are 12 bedroom and 15 bathrooms, a gen-u-wine ballroom, 2 kitchens, a massage room, and a 50 seat movie theater, a three bedroom manager's house plus staff quarters for 10 or more. The over the top day-core features Italian marble walls, French limestone floors, gold embossed leather wall coverings and more gold was used for leafing the moldings than is held in Fort damn Knox.

Anyhoo, like most people, Your Mama is as flummoxed, flabbergasted and generally in need of a nerve pill whenever we think of Fleur de Lys, but is it our humble and meaningless opinion that Miz Saperstein's dream house is far to serious a house for a woman like Mariah Carey who reportedly had a Hello Kitty themed bathroom installed in her TriBeCa triplex in New York City–the one she bought after her offer to buy Barbra Streisand's apartment on the Upper West Side was roundly rejected.

It is our understanding that the fantastical Fleur de Lys, currently the most expensive property on the open market in Los Angeles, has been looked at by a fair number of moneyed-up magnates and foreign potentates and, according to our amigo Kenny Kissintell, Miz Saperstein, "Foolishly turned down an offer of $80,000,000 from a Chinese gentleman." Your Mama would bet our long bodied bitches she's kicking her well preserved Pilates booty over not taking that offer now.

We're skeptical of this whole thing, as is our well positioned pal Nelly Knowsitall, a glammy gal with long lacquered nails firmly on the pulse of all things real estate related in the Platinum Triangle. Besides, let's be honest children, Miss Mariah is rich, but she is not Fleur de Lys rich. Plus we hear that she's been peeping and pecking around for much less expensive properties in Encino. That's right, Encino.

UPDATE LATER SAME DAY: For what it's worth we've now heard from several of our sources who are adamant this story–which first appeared on Contact Music's website–is entirely untrue. In fact, one of our sources swears that Mariah never even set foot on the property. Which makes sense, because like we said earlier, she's rich, but she's not in the same real estate sandbox and the dee-voonly over the top and insanely wealthy Miz Saperstein.

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