Thursday, September 3, 2009

UPDATE: Patrick Dempsey

Your Mama has been receiving quite a few queries and questions regarding the Los Angeles, CA crib that we reported boob-toob doctor Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy) purchased in May of 2009.

For those of y'all who do not scrutinize the high priced Los Angeles listings like they are the damn Oracle at Delphi, the recently rehabbed 5 bedroom and 4.5 pooper property in Brentwood re-appeared on the market a few days ago with an asking price of $6,450,000. It seemed odd to Your Mama and everyone else who cares about these things that Mister Dempsey would flip a property back on the market so soon after purchasing in a market that is not exactly sizzling. Something was fishy. After consulting with a number of our sources and informants and taking a fresh peep and poke around the public records, we have come up with what we think is the real situation.

As it turns out, prop records do not actually show a transfer from the people who renovated the house–and who were, according to records we accessed, slipping into the feral jaws of Foreclosure as late as December 2008–to Mister Dempsey, any entity connected to Mister Dempsey or, in fact, to anyone at all. That's right butter beans, the N. Bundy Drive domicile was never actually purchased by Mister Dempsey which means we got it wrong back in May. Wrong, wrong, wraw-ohng.

We were, it may soothe y'all to know, only partly wrong. We do know with 100% certainty from two separate, unconnected and always very reliable sources that Mister Dempsey and family have been occupying the N. Bundy Drive domicile since sometime around January of 2009. This was shortly before his house on Chantilly Road in Bel Air hit the market with an asking price of $3,595,000. The price tag was later reduced to $3,295,000 and chopped again to $2,995,000 after a purchase agreement slipped through their fingers like a greased pig.

All this adds up to Mister Dempsey the fake doctor leasing the property rather than purchasing, a supposition confirmed by the peeps at PropertyShark who have on file documents that detail a lease agreement between the lender (who was looking to foreclose), the property owner (who were, no doubt, looking to stave off foreclosure) and a bizness entity connected to Mister Dempsy which happens to be identical to the one that appears on records for Mister Dempsey's digs on Chantilly Road. Voila!

Interestingly, perhaps coincidentally and perhaps not, Mister Dempsey's Chantilly Road residence was recently de-listed and removed from the open market. We've heard that the property has been picked up by someone from the William Morris Endeavor Entertainment talent & literary management agency, but that's just rumor and gossip at this point.

Now then, let's move on to bigger and better things.

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