Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Real Estate Madness from Posh and Becks

All the UK papers are screaming and shouting that Sexy and The Spice Gurl have finally found their California Shangri-la. The Daily Mail reports the peripatetic duo have made a $20,000,000+ offer for a house on Stradella Road in Bel Air that once belonged to Meg Ryan.

So lickety split we called up our pal Montgomery Clift who knows the house because she's been in the house. Great views, screening room, 6,877 square feet, heavy duty security, five bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, attached guest house for the staff.

But Monte also says that while the house is quite nice and the neighborhood stellar, she thinks the immigrants would be overpaying by millions for the house if they paid upwards of $20 million. And Monte would know. Bitch grew up in a Bel Air mansion and sells them for a living.

All we've got to say, is we hope these two buy this damn house so Your Mama can get some rest. Even though the Spice Gurl is working on a reality show about her boring self (natch), Your Mama predicts that when the eagle has finally landed and these two get moved to Los Angeles no one will pay any attention to them. Fame is ugly that way.

More to come if we can bear it.

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