Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hilary Swank Buys Pacific Palisades House

BUYER: Hilary Swank
LOCATION: Paseo Miramar, Pacific Palisades, CA
PRICE: $5,800,058
SIZE: 6,722 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 6 full and 2 half bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Romantic and refined Meditteranean estate with breathtaking ocean views has been meticulously restored and expanded to incorporate all the character and detail of the original design with every modern convenience...There are 4 bedroom suites upstairs including a dramatic master with a fireplace in the bedroom and bathrom...The main floor includes a formal living room with fireplace, formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, family dining area and family room with fireplace...The lower level has a guest room, screening room, unbelievable wine room, game room and kitchen.

Dear Mister Big Time: As we do everyday, we read your report the other day that listed several properties with Barry Greenberg's name as the trustee, including the property on Paseo Miramar in Pacific Palisades. And we later read your good natured challenge to find out who in fact owns the Trulli Trust that is listed on the deed for this property. So we got on the horn and put our feelers out lickety split looking for answers. Through one of our infallible sources, whose identity we guard with our life, we have been able to determine with 100% surety that both your readers and your educated guess about ownership are correct. The Pacific Palisades house on Paseo Miramar was indeed purchased by Oscar winning ack-tress Hilary Swank.

Property records indicate the buff and tuff dee-vorcée purchased this house in March of 2007 for just over $5,800,000. Gurl fought her way to a good deal considering the listing we located for the house showed an asking price of $7,495,000.

The house was recently renovated and includes 4 principal bedrooms, a guest room and bath on the lower floor, as well as a maids room and bath off the detached garage. There are eight terlits up in this Mediterranean manse which means that either Miss Swank will be scrubbing her days away, or the maids room will be lived in by a gurl who will spend all day every Thursday with a terlit brush in one hand and a can of Comet in the other.

Your Mama can not help but wonder why this newly single gal would buy such a large house. Even though it was reported late last year she was dating her agent John Campisi (still?), could this big family style house be a rebound residence meant to heal and seal the wounds of her lost dreams of a family with ex-huzband Chad Lowe? Seriously, what does a single gal on the go need with nearly 7,000 square feet of house?

The house is a lovely restoration and we really like that courtyard area and the stunning view, but we are concerned about Miss Swank paying so much money for a house with no swimming pool or tennis court. Sure, the beach is just down the hill and the weather in these parts can be a bit foggy for early morning swims, but even still, Your Mama feels strongly, nay passionately, that a house in this price range should absolutely have a heated swimming pool.

Take note children, the furniture and decor seen in the photos above are NOT those of Miss Swank. We think that stuff belongs to a stager hired by the folks who completed the recent overhaul of the house. Whether Miss Swank has good taste of her own or just the good sense to hire top notch decorators, we don't know. But based on the few photos we have of the New York townhouse Swank and Lowe renovated and had decorated shortly before uncoupling, we expect this house will look much more interesting than the traditional decor we see in the photos above.

Your Mama wishes Miss Swank all the best in her new house. If the tabs are to be believed, her split for Mister Lowe was truly and actually devastating and not just some played up emotion for the pubic to consume. We sincerely hope the purchase of this home represents a fresh step forward toward the rest of her life. Ain't we sweet?

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