Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Who Is Aaron Kamin You Ask?

SELLER: Aaron Kamin
PRICE: $2,300,000
LOCATION: N. Kings Road, West Hollywood, CA
SIZE: 1,960 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,
DESCRIPTION: Magical 1920s Spanish—Uniquely private, in the ultimate location. Walled and gated. Close to everything. Find inspiration and charm on a celebrity lined street.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: We did not know who Mister Kamin is either, so don't y'all be feeling bad. Turns out Aaron Kamin is (or was) the guitarist for a band called The Calling. Apparently this group had a hit song in 2001 that was featured on the television show Smallville. Your Mama does not mind telling the world that we've never seen a show called Smallville and we've never heard of a band named The Calling.

As a result, we are not sure those bona fides qualify Mister Kamin as a "celebrity" on our list. But, it's not the owner of this house that interests Your Mama, but the location. Although the house is just a short drive from The Ivy and supremely located for easy access to all the latest and greatest celebrity hot spots like Teddys and Hyde, it's also, di-rectly across the street from the home of the world's most famous for nothing blond convict. That's right children, 2.3 million smackers will get you Paris Hilton and her little dog Tinkerbell for neighbors. That and hordes of swarming paparazzi parked in front of your driveway firing their flashbulbs at all hours of the day and night.

Kamin bought this house in February of 2003 for $985,000. We know the Los Angeles real estate market has been blisteringly hot the last 5 or 6 years, but could this house really have appreciated that much?

Your Mama is not even going to comment on the decor of this place since it really stretching to even call it decor. We know not everyone cares to do up their house with pretty couches and fierce light fixtures, but seriously, the owner of this property has two Porsches, so we know he could have afforded for a nice gay decorator to get up in there and turn this frat house into a home. Shame.

Don't get Your Mama wrong, we like the house, with it's high walls, security gates, and the masses of be-thorned bougainvillea which will ensure the paps aren't climbing the walls of this house. The big living room with the high ceilings and the fireplace are lovely. The kitchen could use a re-do, but we like the way it opens to the breakfast room wrapped in arched windows. We do prefer more backyard space for the our long-bodied bitches Linda and Beverly to sniff, roam, and run, but we can appreciate a house that is surrounded by easy maintenance terraces that offer a nice, if not spectacular, view.

The place is also for rent for $11,000 per month, which Your Mama thinks is a brilliant idea. Much better than selling. First of all, this dude's mortgage can't be more than $4-5,000 per month, right? So an $11,000 renter is six or seven thousand in the pocket every month.

Mister Kamin, have you contacted the tabloid outlets? They might be seriously interested in renting your house for a few months after ol' Paris gets out of the clink.

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