Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Your Mama hears...

...that there is a little more to the story about writer/producer Mark Brazill (That 70's Show and 3rd Rock From the Sun) purchasing Gwen Stefani's gorgeous house in Los Feliz earlier this year. It was reported by Miz Ruth Ryan at the LA Times and also by Mr. Big Time at Big Time Listings that Brazill purchased the house for the asking price of $4,795,000, so we're not even close to breaking any gossip about that.

Mr. Big Time also noted the high-larious and insane email exchange between screenwriter Judd Apatow (40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up) and Brazill that was printed in Harper's in March of 2002. The exchange has nothing to do with the real estate or Gwen Stefani, but it's worth a read. Seriously funny stuff.

Anyhoo, a very reliable source tells Your Mama that Mister Brazill, who is well known for his vindictive and angry demeanor (did you read the Harper's thing?), purchased the Stefani/Rossdale house not because he wanted to live in the house, but because one of his perceived "rivals" was interested in purchasing the place. So, we are told, Brazill bought it out of spite so the rival could not have it. What?! We have no way of proving this to be true, but if it is indeed true, it's ugly. And very funny. And even more sad.

Property records indicate Mister Brazill continues to own several properties in the Toluca Lake area including a 5,292 square foot house on Navajo Avenue with 3 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms that he purchased in June 2006 for $2,910,029. Not sure why the man would buy a house in Toluca Lake and then turn around and buy another far more expensive home in Los Feliz less than one year later. Unless...

You'll also note, as have some of our readers that the house has been placed back on the market with another listing agent with different furniture and a new, improved, and higher price of $5,200,000. Wonder why Mister Brazill would do that? We have to wonder if there are any exclusions to purchase. Hmm.

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