Monday, December 1, 2008


...we took an unexpected few days off to enjoy the Turkey Day with our family, let Your Mama start off the week slow with a bit of real estate scuttlebutt to ease ourselves back in the gossip groove.
Over the weekend, we heard from our old pal Linda Likestotalk who gave us a bit more lowdown on the N. Carmelina Avenue mansion in Brentwood, CA at which Jenufleck (or whatever it is that the gossip glossies call Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner) have been frequently spotted and photographed and were widely reported to have purchased (pictured above).

Well children, according to Miz Likestotalk, after being looked at several times by Hollywood hotshots like Judd Apatow and (too) many times by Afflegar (or whatever), the newly built Brentwood Park adjacent property has gone into escrow with the daughter of construction king Ron Tutor. Although

The children will recall that it was Mister Tutor who recently plunked down a breathtaking $32,200,000 for an unfinished hotel sized house in Beverly Park. It appears that not all super rich folks have been left with tight fists after the staggering stock and wealth evaporating market plunge.

Miz Likestotalk did not whisper the agreed upon sale price, the 12,000 (approx.) square foot, 7 bedroom and 8 bathroom house was last listed at $14,950,000.

The Tutor filial and family will be surrounded by other rich and famous folks like Ariana Huffington–She-ra of the Huffington Post, natch–and former chat hostess Ricki Lake who both call North Carmelina Avenue home. It is the very same swank Westside street where actor Toby Maguire and his newly preggers wifey Jennifer Meyers paid big money for a large vacant lot earlier this year and will presumably (if somewhat improbably) build their Barbie Dream House.

P.S. Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter hope you had a magnificent Thanksgiving holiday.

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