Monday, December 8, 2008

Who Doesn't Love A Little News About Paula Abdul?

Due to the disturbing and bizarre tragedy of having one of her more fervent and unstable fans off herself in a car down the street from her house, the Laker Gurl turned pop star turned treacly American Idol judge who once (jokingly?) claimed on national tee-vee she was abducted by aliens, has reportedly decided to sell her Sherman Oaks mini-mansion.

Your Mama spent far too much time this morning searching and scouring the interwebs, but we have yet to turn up an official listing for the glassy eyed gal's 4,679 square foot Mediterranean-ish style domicile. However, a peep into the property records reveals Miz Abdul purchased her Beverly Ridge Drive residence in September of 2000 for $1,285,000.

Thanks to our always helpful cohort Babbling Babette we were also also able to suss out that this is not the first time Miz Abdul has attempted to unload her 5 bedroom and 4.5 bathroom homestead that features one of those horrid double curving staircases that are often found in newly built mcmansions trying to look capital "G" Grand, a media room with wood hewn ceiling and a master bedroom with fireplace, gigantic closet, spa-like bath and private, canyon-view balcony overlooking the swimming pool.

Listing records indicate that back in 2003 the gossip magnet listed her house for $1,995,000 and later reduced the asking price to $1,899,00. The following summer she listed the property again, but this time with an asking price of $1,900,000. But alas, no one wanted to buy Miz Abdul's house.

It remains to be seen whether in this rather lackluster real estate market the entrepreneurial singer/choreographer/reality tee-vee queen will be able to sell her house at a number that rings the bells of her bank accounts, but her people are saying that in light of recent events, "it seemed time that she move into a gated community."

In addition to propping up the less talented contestants on American Idol, Miz Abdul also hawks jewerly on QVC, pushes the stoopidly named perfume "Sexy Thoughts" and, despite her much reported chronic back pain, is rumored to be scheduled to appear on the next season of that played out Dancing With the Stars program. Good grief.

photo: Pacific Coast News

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