Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Your Mama Hears...

...From a little birdie that notoriously brusque and brash comedienne Wanda Sykes (The New Adventures of Old Christine, Back at the Barnyard, Curb Your Enthusiam)bought a modest house in Media, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania? Media? Whaaat?

Ain't nuthin' wrong with the P.A. children, but suburban Philly just isn't where Your Mama imagined the newly out and about lezbeeun ladee would be picking up property. However, a little look-see into property records and, sho enuf, it appears that Miz Sykes and another ladee–perhaps her special ladee?–recently forked over $500,000 to buy a house in small town Media, PA which bills itself as "Everyone's Hometown." For what it's worth, Paul (Dimeo) the Carpenter from that emotionally maudlin and impossible to watch without vomiting Extreme Makeover: Home Edition program is also from Media, PA.

Prop records show that the sassy and snarkalicious sister also owns a 2,268 square foot house on Dixie Canyon Avenue in the Sherman Oaks section of Los Angeles which she scooped up in April of 2004 for $1,295,000.

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