Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Your Mama Hears...

...From Malee-boo Mary that aging Aussie songtress Olivia Newton John is thisclose to finally selling her house up in Malee-boo's guard gated Serra Retreat where other famous folks like Kelsey Grammar and Mel Gibson own high priced properties. All the children with memories not obliterated by booze will recall that Miz Newton John has been trying to unload her Retreat Court mansion for an damn ice age.

Miz Newtown John's 6,482 square foot residence, which happens to be across the street from Titanic director James Cameron's compound and right next door to Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's former marital house of horrors, first came on the market just over a year ago with an asking price of $14,000,000. The asking price was chopped to $12,500,000 and then $11,495,000 before it recently disappeared from the MLS. We heard at that point that Miz Newton John was hoping to at least lease the white elephant out so she could high-tail it down to Florida to be with her new huzband, a man Malee-boo Mary hissingly called "a snake oil salesman."

None the less, Malee-boo Mary SWEARS on her well manicured and air-brushed acrylic fingernails that Miz Newton John is selling her house at a considerable discount to another couple who already live in Malee-boo.

We can't verify a property transfer at this point, but Your Mama did get on the horn with another of our well connected sources out by the beach–this one we'll call Malee-boo Mary Too–who also confirmed that the rumored off-market sale is working its way through Malee-boo's real estate gossip grapevine.

We shall see.

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