Monday, June 21, 2010

Is Oprah Moving to Los Angeles?

Rumors are beginning to swirl that soon to be retired chat show queen bee and multi-billionaire Oprah Winfrey may be in need of a new house in LaLa Land. Oh lo-ward have mercy, did the children hear all the Mercedes S-Class driving high end real estate agents in the Platinum Triangle hoot and holler with joy and then order their long suffering assistants to, "Get Oprah's people on the phone! Now!"

The buzz began in earnest last fall when it was announced that Miss Winfrey's new and eponymous television station–that would be The Oprah Winfrey Network, natch, otherwise known as OWN, natch–would be based in Los Angeles' historic Miracle Mile District. Was there ever a question in anyone's mind that La Oprah, a gal prone to bellowing and grandiose statements, was going to name that tee-vee channel after herself? No, there really wasn't, was there?

Anyhoo, the beat of the scuttlebutt drum has only gotten louder with the more recent news that the self-made media maven hired Los Angeles-based money manager Peter Adamson to set up and run a so-called "family office" to handle her personal investments and fat fortune. La Oprah's Mister Adamson happens to be the very same Peter Adamson who serves as the chief investment officer for the private wealth of real estate billionaire and art collecting king Eli Broad. Birds of a feather and all that.... It stands to reason that if La Oprah's new bizness venture is located in Los Angeles and her money man is in Los Angeles–or more specifically in Santa Monica–then the impressively driven diva will also want a place to hang her Louboutins in Los Angeles too.

Of course, Miss Winfrey already owns a conspicuously flatulent 42-acre compound with a lavish 23,000 square foot manor house in Montecito, CA that she's rather preciously dubbed The Promised Land, but unless she commutes daily by private helicopter–and who would put it past the ladee if she were to do just that?–it seems likely that Miss Winfrey will want and require a pied a terre in Tinseltown.

Certainly it would not surprise celebrity real estate watchers or any of her army of done drank the Kool-Aid Oprahites iffin the big livin' billionairess splashed out twenty or thirty million clams for a grand estate like, say, mortgage making mogul Mark Cohen's recently overhauled 7 bedroom and 11 pooper Paul Williams designed digs in the Holmby Hills listed at $28,500,000, or maybe even airplane leasing pooh-bah Lou Gonda's 24,000 square foot, 12 bedroom and 21 pooper Peter Choate designed spread, also listed at $28,500,000, located up behind the Beverly Hills Hotel in the 90210.

However, iffin Your Mama were the betting type–and we are most definitely not–we would probably put money on the majorly moneyed media maven scooping up a posh penthouse apartment in one of the better and more expensive but boring full-service buildings along the Wilshire Corridor that will provide a modicum of privacy from the pack of paps likely to follow her around town like white on rice. Besides, it's not like La Oprah hasn't owned about a million and one condos over the course of her rich life–on Florida's Fishers Island and in Atlanta, and Chicago–and, at the risk of looking like a total ass, Your Mama assumes that the full figured tycoon's primary west coast fiefdom will remain her $40,000,000 promised land in Montecito.

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