Wednesday, June 2, 2010

UPDATE: Alan Jackson

If the children will put on their thinking caps and try to remember all the way back to June of 2009, they may recall the day Your Mama prattled on about country music star Alan Jackson and Sweetbriar, his sprawling estate in rural Franklin, TN that he had listed with a husky and exuberantly optimistic asking price of $38,000,000.

Word is now slip sliding down the gossip grapevine that Mister and Missus Jackson have pulled a rabbit from a real estate hat, unloading their lavish 135-acre spread and its nearly 19,000 square foot mansion for a record breaking $28,000,000 and change.

While the sale price is a titanic ten million clams less than Mister and Missus Jackson had hoped and aimed for, it's still many millions more than any other residential property in the Nashville area has sold for in recent memory and well over double the $11,500,000 that tech and entertainment tycoon Todd Wagner laid out in 2007 for Deer Park Farm, country queen Tanya Tucker's 22,600 square foot behemoth on 500 acres in Arrington, TN.

The new owners, according to property records and recent reports, are Willis and Reba Johnson. Mister Johnson founded a company called Copart, Inc, a Fairfield, CA based operation that auctions busted up automobiles for insurance companies and other entities with bunches of wrecked up cars to sell. According to recent filings, Mister Johnson's stake in the publicly traded company adds up to a whopping $340,000,000, making him more than financially qualified to buy and maintain an estate of this magnitude.

Property records show that among various other properties, Mister and Missus Johnson own a monster mansion on a 79-acre vineyard in the pristine Suisun Valley, just outside of Fairfield, CA. As it turns out, Your Mama has–or rather once had–a vague connection to the Suisun Valley. About a hundred years ago, when Your Mama was just a baby-faced pipsqueak attending university in northern California, we had a short but large chested and ostensibly heterosexual roommate who worked as a stripper in the local gay bars whose grandfather was an eccentric muckety-muck in the Suisun Valley. This multi-millionaire, while nine kinds of strange, was nothing but kind to Your Mama. In fact, he once purchased us a pair of sneakers at the local flea market because he didn't like us running around barefoot on his tennis court and he would sometimes do head scratching things like drive over to the local vegetable stand in his vintage convertible Rolls Royce–white with red leather interior, natch–in nothing but an itty bitty Speedo style bathing suit. We speak the truth, kiddies.

Anyhoo, in addition to the colossal colonial style mansion with its 6 bedrooms, 9 terlits, 5 fireplaces, and 20-car garage, Mister and Missus Johnson's super-sized new digs in Franklin, TN include an entrance hall with two circular staircases, a hotel lobby-like living room with a Chevy-sized chandelier–or, as Your Mama's Big Daddy would say it, a Shivvy-sized shandaleer–a paneled office suite, country kitchen, double height family room, and a sun porch that overlooks the swimming pool and spa.

The extensive grounds contain a barn-like building that houses an indoor tennis/basketball court, numerous pastures, a fish stocked 10-acre pond with sandy beach and three bay boat house, a barn with 2 bedroom apartment, and a massive entertainment terrace with outdoor fireplace. Just in case that isn't enough to maintain, there's also an ATV/go-cart track, an grass airplane runway, and a 2-bedroom log cabin that sits next to the Harpath River that winds along the edge of the property.

In June of 2009, Mister and Missus Jackson told a local newspaper that they were looking to downsize into sometime more manageable and less high maintenance.

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