Monday, June 14, 2010

Rumer Willis Buys Half of a House

A few days ago gossip queen Perez Hilton dropped a celebrity real estate tidbit about Tinseltown scion, former Golden Globe gurl, and way too big for her barely accomplished britches ack-truss Rumer Willis buying a house in Los Angeles, CA.

Property records do indeed show that in late October of 2009, Miss Willis paid $971,500 to purchase an 1,846 square foot, single story ranch style house in Los Angeles' legendary Laurel Canyon area. As far as Your Mama can tell, the property was never on the open market. A closer look at the property records reveals that Miss Willis owns only 50% of the gated and hedged 2 bedroom and 3 pooper property. The other half, the children may find inneresting to learn, is owned by her Twitter addict step-father, actor and prolific reality tee-vee producer Ashton Kutcher.

Until doing a wee bit o' research on the interweb, Your Mama had no idea that Miss Willis currently plays a teenage lesbian on the tragic redux of Beverly Hills 90210. But she does and, ironically, her new nearby neighbors include singing superstar and real life lesbian k.d. lang and ladee luvin' gym jock/reality tee-vee "star" Jackie Warner. Other neighbors include soo-blime actress Stockard Channing, and colossally compensated comedian Will Ferrell who now owns a compound he bought from yet another real life lesbian, Ellen Degeneres. Just in case Miss Willis goes to route of far too many spoiled offspring of Hollywood honchos, her new crib is conveniently located a quick car ride from the celeb-friendly Wonderland Treatment Center where SCRAM bracelet wearing Lindsay Lohan was once not so successfully treated for her (alleged) issues with the booze and dope.

photo: Red Think Media

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