Thursday, April 17, 2008

Are 26 Terlits Too Many?

Oh dear. There are some angry rich people up in the hoity toity back country of staid and stately Greenwich, C.T. Apparently some rich ladee, identified by the local press as Olga Kogan, wants to tear down a huge house and build an even bigger one with 26 damn terlits. Do the children know how many full time gurls it requires to keep 26 terlits sparkling clean? That's right puppies, that's a lot of damn gurls getting paid the minimum wage to work a terlit brush 8 hours a day.

According to property records, this Kogan ladee bought the Simmons Lane property in August of 2005 for an impressive $18,500,000. Records show the sprawling house that currently sits on the 7.05 acre estate was built in 1924 and measures in at a not exactly tiny 19,096 square feet with 7 bedrooms and 12 terlits located in 8 full and 4 half bathrooms.

So the place is already big and full of crappers. However, Miz Kogan, evidently a residential real estate size queen, wants bigger and more. Reports say the vaguely Greek Revival style behemoth planned for the site would exceed 30,000 square feet and include 8 bedrooms, a gym, lockers, a home theater, wine cellar, game room, billiard room, underground garage space, staff quarters and, of course, all 26 of them terlits, some of which are located within spacious Turkish and Finnish bathing facilities.

As you might expect, an attorney for the mysterious and terlit luvin' Miz Kogan indicated the proposed plan is in compliance with town rules and regs regarding setbacks and footprint sizing. However, local residents remain deeply concerned that a house with 26 terlits might suggest that more than one family will reside in the house...a no-no in this neighborhood of posh single family homes on multi-acre parcels. The owner's attorney poo-poos that suggestion and is quoted in the above linked Greenwich Time article saying, "It's the way people who can afford it like to live."

If Your Mama had to guess how this will get resolved, and we are only guessing children, we imagine that Miz Kogan will have to shave the number of planned terlits to less than 26 and the not very happy neighbors will have to accept more poopers in the 'hood than they prefer. C'est la vie, puppies.

The people at CNN ran a little report on the fracas last night which can be viewed online and includes renderings of the proposed home that looks a mite too much like the White House for Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter's personal architectural taste.

What do the children think, is 26 too many?

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