Saturday, April 19, 2008

UPDATE: Isaiah Washington

Mister Big Time recently reported that big ego Bionic Woman ack-tor Isaiah Washington sold his Hancock Park adjacent condominium for $1,500,000. The condo, located in the dee-luxe French Provincial style Faubourg St. Denis on N. Sycamore Avenue, had been listed at $1,695,000. Your Mama discussed the dark floored and white walled 4 bedroom condo way back in July of 2007 when it first arrived on the market in the after math of Mister Washington's infamous dust up and smack down at hospital drama juggernaut Grey's Anatomy. Remember that gossip glossy and tabloid T.V. extravaganza? Jeezis H. Christ, Your Mama is so glad that one is over and done with because that real life brouhaha had us sucking on a bottle of gin morning, noon and night.

Anyhoo, the $64,000 real estate question now is where will Mister and Missus Washington live now that they've shed their Hancock Park crib? Well, as Mister Big Time noted and property records confirm, the Washingtons do own a 4,653 square foot house in Houston, TX and perhaps they'll be shacked up there at least some of the time. However, Your Mama hears from our wickedly well informed wunderkind Lucy Spillerguts that the couple will not be giving up a residential stake in Los Angles and are moving into a freshly built digs overlooking the Sherman Canal in Venice. It's unclear to Your Mama if Mister Washington is buying or renting.

Which means, of course, that in the wacky world of Los Angeles architecture, Mister Washington and the fam are moving from faux France to imitation Italy.

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