Tuesday, April 1, 2008

UPDATE: Khandi Alexander

Looks like sexy C.S.I. siren Khandi Alexander has become dead serious about unloading her House of Faux Quoins up in the Hills of Hollywood just behind the legendary celeb hideaway The Chateau Marmont. Miz Khandi's four story, 4,126 square foot quoin-set hut was first listed in mid-February for $4,495,000, and late last night while sipping our pre-bedtime gin and tonic Your Mama noticed that the asking price for Khandi's khrib has been given a gigantic $1,000,000 karate chop all the way down to $3,495,000.

Your Mama is certain all the Chicken Little children will use this almost unfathomable price adjustment as a perfect example of how the real estate sky is falling in Los Angeles. But children, before any of the many folks gleeful about the bottom dropping out of the market do a happy dance, let's at least consider that the original asking price was, uh, rather optimistic to begin with, okay?

Considering that Oprah's (annoying) television creation Dr. Phil just bought the 2,356 square foot 2 bedroom house across the street for $2,650,000, it would seem that Miss Khandi's much larger khrib is now much more appropriately priced.

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