Thursday, April 3, 2008

Watch Out New York City...

...Because Paul McCartney's bitter and newly rich ex-wifey Heather Mills has been sniffing around for new digs in Noo York City. According to the The Daily Mail, the $50,000,000 woman was spotted house hunting at the sales office for the yet to be built One Jackson Square, a curvy, swervy and thoroughly modern building that will tower over the corner of Greenwich Avenue and 8th Avenue in lower Manhattan.

No word on what size unit Missy Mills might be interested, but apartments in the undulating and all-glass apartment block carry prices of (approximately) $850,000 for a studio apartment all the way to $12,000,000 for the 3 bedroom penthouse that occupies the entire 11th floor and has 360 degree views over the rooftops of Greenwich Village.

If Miss Rich Dee-vorcée were to consult Your Mama, and we're quite certain she won't since we haven't said the nicest things about her embarrassing grab at her ex-huzband's prodigious Poundage, we think the single mommy should go for one of the 2 bedroom and 3 bathroom duplex units. That way she'd have room for young daughter Beatrice and a lovely terrace from which to shout and scream about how she was wronged, maligned and misunderstood. Your Mama would feel sorry for her because the litigious ladee has really not had an easy go of it in the press and gossip glossies. But unfortunately, it's a wee bit difficult for us to go there because Your Mama would be more than happy to be wronged, maligned and misunderstood by the general public if we had fifty million clams of someone else's money flipping the big bird at the Fourth Estate and the chattering masses.

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