Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Little Morning Mish Mash

As per usual on the Hump Day, Your Mama has about 40 million things to do so we're going to have a brief morning of mish mash.

1. Feisty flapjaw Ted Casablanca over at the glorious gossip grist mill that is E! Online recently reported that the world's most peripatetic parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have sold their New Orleans nest.

Prop records show the couple of do-gooding super stars paid $3,500,000 for the 7,435 square foot house in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. They bounced into town on several occasions with their large entourage of security, nannies, tutors and a trail of paps and even sent one or two of their multi-culti kiddies to some school or another, but the itchy footed family never seemed to put down much on the way of real roots in The Big Easy.

They are currently and allegedly holed up in the South of France at billionaire Paul Allen's Villa Maryland awaiting the arrival of twins. Or perhaps they've already moved to the Chateau Miraval, the 880 acre paparazzi proof estate they've reportedly leased near Aix en Provence.

Your Mama would not dare contradict Miss Casablanca or his crack team of tipsters lest we be subjected to a serious and severe verbal smack down. However, we would be ridiculously remiss in our "reporting" if we did not add that property records still show the big Pitt/Jolie manse on Governor Nicholls Street owned by a trust controlled by Mister Brad Pitt...or his people anyway. Perhaps the Parish people at the recorders office haven't gotten around to changing those records yet?

We're a little late in getting this out, but The Washington Post reported some time ago that one and three quarter eared boxer Evander Holyfield denies that his 109 room mega manse in Fairburn, Fayette Country, GA will be foreclosed.

According to the legal notice in a local paper the 54,000 square foot mansion was scheduled to be auctioned off to the highest bidder on July 1. Your Mama sincerely hopes Mister Holyfield has saved his real estate ass because we seriously doubt there would be too many people in the Fairburn area looking to buy a behemoth with 17 bathrooms, 3 kitchens and a damn bowling alley.

According to Fametastic, UK tabloid train wrecks Peter Andre and Katie Price–who for some reason Your Mama does not care to know goes "professionally" by the name Jordan–are house hunting in Beverly Hills. Ugh. The British blond with balloon sized breasts is reportedly willing to spend £3,000,000 for a house in Los Angeles where she's eager to "break into the US celebrity world."

Good grief children, does Hollywood really need another mammoth mammaried anal sex loving mother of three who named her daughter Princess–which is a dog's name, thank you–and was widely and publicly criticized for talking graphically about sex in front of her young children? Your Mama ain't no prude, but we don't think so.

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