Friday, June 6, 2008

UPDATE: Avril Lavigne

Well children, you can praize Jeezis or Allah or the Buddha or whatever damn god you please. Just praize somebody. The deal has finally been done and Your Mama can finally stop yakking and blathering on about faux punk princess Avril Lavigne and her long and arduous journey to sell her former home on Clerendon Road in Beverly Hills. Trust us when we tell the children that no one is more thrilled to not have to discuss this rebellious little rocker and her real estate drah-muh more than Your Mama.

Yesterday, Miz Ann Brenoff who now pens the Hot Properties column for the LA Times revealed that The Spitter managed to unload her real estate white elephant located in the guard gated Mulholland Estates community for $5,200,000. Cash.

That certainly sounds like an impressive amount of money don't it children? Well, it is a substantial sum of money, but it ain't nowhere near the last asking price of $5,800,000 and even father from what she wanted for the house when she listed it more than a year ago at $6,900,000.

The poor dear has gone through several real estate agents–the last one, the one earning the fat commission, being Paris Hilton's uncle Mauricio Umansky–and, according everyone Your Mama has ever talked to who would be in a position to know, several deals that went south before anyone was willing to sign on the multi-million dollar dotted line.

Records and reports all say The Spitter bought her former bachelorette pad back in 2004 for $4,450,000, so the gurl prolly still managed to eek out a few shekels even after the real estate fees. And from the sound of things, she could probably use whatever shekels she can get.

The Spitter and her huzband, Sum 41 front man Deryck Whibley, currently shack up in another guard gated community called Bel Air Crest where they forked over $9,500,000 for a 12,184 square foot mansion with 8 bedrooms, 10 full and 2 half bathrooms...enough to keep a minimum wage house gurl busy for days on end. As has been widely reported by every real estate gossip that ever was, Mister and Missus Spitter bought the house from tattooed rocker Travis Barker and that Paris Hilton hating former beauty pageant gurl Shanna Moakler.

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