Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Britney Spears Soon To Be on the Move. Again

Get ready children because the Britney Spears real estate crazy train is getting ready to pull out of the station. Again.

No puppies, on the mental mend Miz Spears has not had a relapse. However, from the sound of things the (thankfully) medicated single mommy of two will soon be tossing her trashy togs into the back of one of her many Mercedes and decamping to suburban Calabasas, where gated communities lined with "Mediterranean" and "Tuscan" style mcmansions reign soo-preme.

Due to her previous mental instability issues, Miz Spears' finances are currently controlled by her father Jamie who reportedly requested and was granted permission by the court to sell the 6 bedroom and 6.5 bathroom house Miss Spears purchased in December of 2006 in the aftermath of her acrimonious dee-vorce from wannabe white rapper turned full time daddy Kevin Federline. Your Mama imagines some of the well to do residents of The Summit will be celebrating with a good bottle of champagne tonight.

None of this is all that surprising to Your Mama given that Miz Spears has been recently seen touring high priced properties (see item #7), not to mention that she's repeatedly attempted to offload that tainted "Tuscan Villa" of hers in The Summit almost since the day she bought the 7,453 square foot crib and a late night lark, furniture and all. Besides, the Bev Hills house prolly holds lots of uglee and painful memories of pink wigs, sleepless nights, and random slime ball boyfriends like that Adnan dude and creepy Sam Lufti. What ever happened to him anyway? Once Brit's daddy wisely axed him from the picture, he's been awful quiet.

Anyhoo, for better or worse, we imagine all the paps and celebrity real estate gossips will be keeping an eye on all the guard gated communities in Calabasas looking for which newly built mcmansion Miz Spears buys next.

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