Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's a Mish-Mash Morning

Sorry children, but Your Mama is simply too blisteringly bizzy today to be sassy, clever or long winded. So this is what we have for you today. It ain't much, but we promise we have some good stuff lined up for the next few days.

First and foremost we're going to give Mister Big Time a wee assist with his most recent "Which Celebrity House Is This?" query. With the help of our wickedly well informed pal Lucy Spillerguts Your Mama learned that the house in question was purchased by actor Dave Annabelle. Middle aged ladees and Sunday night TV watching gays will likely recognize Mister Annabelle as the (quasi) rebellious youngest son with drug issues on that sappy and maudlin Brothers and Sisters program that features the dee-lishus Sally Field, one of the too few women of a certain age in Hollywood aging in a dignified manner.

We have Our Fairy Godmother in West Hollywood to thank for the few photos of the house (above). We don't care for the previous owners obsession with "masculine" furniture and we find the landscaping more exuberant than we prefer, but otherwise Your Mama thinks Mister Annabelle chose wisely.

Interestingly, Mister Big Time discussed another Brothers and Sisters actor yesterday. Turns out Welsh born actor Matthew Rhys–a confirmed heterosexual and talented actor who (al)most convincingly plays the ├╝ber-neurotic homosex brother–also picked up a new nest. Seems that Mister Rhys chose more modest and, at $1,263,000, a less expensive digs than his television brother.

Oh dear. It appears Meet the Fockers and West Wing ack-turuss Teri Polo might be the next celebrity to lose her financial panties in the sagging real estate market. According to the mysterious man who pens the Manhattan Beach Confidential blog, Miz Polo's Manhattan Beach home has, "shifted to 'backup status.'" This is usually an indication that an offer has been accepted. Which sounds great, except...

Property records reveal that in May of 2006 Miz Polo purchased a 5 bedroom and 4 bathroom Manhattan Beach house for $2,500,000. Fast forward to February 2008 when Blondie Acktress put the 3,007 square foot residence on the market for $2,599,000. A few (or four) months later, Miz Polo and her real estate pee-pole used a massive machete to karate chop the asking price all the way down to $2,099,000. It does not take Your Mama's bejeweled abacus (or a bird brain) to figure out the asking price is far below what she paid for the "Asian inspired contemporary" residence. Uh oh.

With the new price along came a buyer. Of course, we have no idea what sort of numbers were offered, but whatever they were–and we'd bet our long bodied bitches Linda and Beverly they offered less than the asking price–it appears poor Miz Polo will lose her down payment, and perhaps even more. Such is the sorry state of things for folks who paid top dollar for their properties in the white hot real estate market of the early and mid 2000s and are choosing to sell now.

Miss I Have a Private Hair Salon In My Home Angela Bassett and her huzband Courtney Vance have lowered the price of their Hancock Park house. Again. When Your Mama first discussed the five bedroom and 6.5 bathroom residence on Fremont Place in July of 2007 the asking price was $5,999,000. In early May of 2008 we noted that the price had been hacked to $4,600,000 and today, thanks to Jazzy Jean, we see the price has once again been sliced and diced all the way down to $3,900,000. Considering these two Yale trained thespians purchased this house a long damn time ago, they're still looking at pocketing a couple million even at the much reduced asking price.

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