Monday, June 16, 2008

Your Mama Hears...

...That Puff Daddy–or Pee Diddy Or Piddle Paddle or whatever damn moniker the fashion and music mogul's press people say he is supposed to be called nowawdays–is going Hollywood...West Hollywood, to be exact. No babies, Mister Diddy's not goin' gay, he's rumored to be forking over around $30,000 per month to lease a 4 bedroom house in the hills above West Hollywood.

Our source for this information, a ladee we'll call Fancy Nancy, swore Your Mama to secrecy and promised to cut off our fingers and private parts if we revealed much more information than that. And you know what children? Not only do we like our fingers and private parts, but if Your Mama has learned just one little thing since starting our little celebrity real estate endeavor, it's not to piss off the tipsters or the information dries up as quickly as Lindsay Lohan's career has ground to a screeching halt.

One last thing we can reveal about Mister Diddy's new digs is that it has two swimming pools. Two! One for Mister Diddy and all the scantily clad Hollywood hussies dim (and drunk) enough to believe that screwing the Pufferfish will help their careers, and another one for, well, everyone else.

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