Thursday, January 8, 2009

1980s Pop Star Sinitta Selling London Townhouse

SELLER: Sinitta
LOCATION: Colinette Road, London, UK
PRICE: £3,950,000
SIZE: 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Now that American Idol mean man and music mogul Simon Cowell has shed his long time ladee friend Terri Seymour–and reportedly bought her a 4.6 million dollar house in the Hollywood Hills as a parting gift–he's free and available to sift through the colossal crop of show-biz hopefuls who would sell their livers to date the filthy rich star maker.

None the less, when it came time to select a hot body with whom he could spend the Christmas and New Years holidays in beautiful Barbados where the hairy chested multi-zillionaire is reportedly building a house in which the bedrooms will have mirrored walls, Mister Cowell didn't pick up a new chick but instead flipped through his big black book and invited a former lover, a married middle aged gal named Sinitta. Although Your Mama had no idea who she is or was, some of the children will certainly recall that Miss Sinitta was a Simon Cowell created pop star way back in the 1980s.

Anyhoo, now that we've had a little background on who this Sinitta person is, let's get down the brass tacks of real estate. Thanks to a London-based informant we'll call Marsha Dimes we've learned that American born and UK based Miss Sinitta has been trying to sell her London house for nearly a year. That's right children, a year.

Recent reports say Sinitta purchased her six bedroom and four bathroom Victorian house on Colinette Road some time in 2006 but flipped it back on the market in the spring of 2007 with an asking price of around £4,500,000. According to our bejeweled abacus, that's 6,744,330 American dollars.

However, come October of 2007 the declining property market and credit crush forced Miss Sinitta to chop more than half a million British Pounds off the asking price to it's current list price of £3,950,000. Another quick consult of our bejeweled abacus shows that at today's rates the asking price converts to $5,920,023 American.

Listing information shows the four floor property (plus finished fifth floor) includes a raised ground floor with proper stair hall featuring a churchy stained glass window, a gigantic "L" shaped reception room that stretches a bowling alley like 47 feet and has some sinful white leather recliners flanking the fireplace, a glassed in conservatory and a powder pooper tucked away for modesty and privacy.

The lower ground floor is comprised of another large open space where the sleek kitchen overlooks the dining room area and family room that features a full wall and ceiling of glass. This is great for sucking light down into the lower level, but we sincerely hope none of the neighbors have windows high enough to peer down into there. Also on the lower floor is a large pantry (a feature we swoon over), laundry facilities, another private powder pooper tucked away under the stairs and a full guest or staff suite with living room, bedroom, private pooper and what appears to be a kitchenette.

The first floor is where Miss Sinitta's boo-dwar is located and includes a small sleeping chamber, a bathroom with back to back sinks and both a terlit and bidet. It is Your Mama's rather meaningless opinion that more houses should have bidets to help folks keep their naughty bits clean and fresh. A gigantic dressing room lined with closets, a small sauna and a free standing bathing tub complete the suite.

The second floor is comprised of four (apparently closet free) bedrooms that share two bathrooms and a kitchenette. This set up is perfect for parents who do not want the nanny to bring the children down until late in the morning after mommy has put on her face and had her first vodka tonic of the day. A fifth floor loft space tucked up into the roof makes a perfect spot for the kiddies to play or be locked away in if they've been obnoxious.

The grounds include a motor court and a garage where two or three cars can be stored tandem, a large terrace off the lower floor living spaces, a garden large enough for a swing set should someone require one and a coach house with the proper permissions to be converted into additional living space.

Some reports say that Miss Sinitta, a mother of two adopted children, would like to sell her big house in order to downsize her digs in London and to purchase a place in Hong Kong where her husband is based. Other reports say Miss Sinitta and her huzband are estranged. Hmm. If they weren't before, they prolly are now that she's spent a few weeks in Barbados with Mister ex-Boyfriend.

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