Wednesday, January 7, 2009

UPDATE: Anthony Clark

As it turns out and thanks to our always wickedly well informed cohort Lucy Spillerguts, Your Mama has learned that not only is comedic actor Anthony Clark (Yes, Dear, Boston Common) selling a really nice Robert Byrd designed residence in the celeb packed Outpost Estates area of Los Angeles, he's also listed a dee-voon domicile in the hills of lovely Laguna Beach, CA with an asking price of $2,795,000.

Once upon a time, back when Your Mama was just a pea pod, Laguna Beach was an arty enclave where kooks, artists and homosexuals lived in tiny shacks that dotted the steep hillside above Main Beach that offered some of the most impressive Pacific Ocean views anywhere. Now, the near perfectly placed little town is chock full of rich folks wearing $400 bejeweled sandals and fancy hippy chic frippery purchased at swank shops in the South Coast Plaza Mall. It's still an outrageously beautiful spot where ocean luvvin' artists live and work, but, for better or worse, it's been totally, completely and utterly Orange County-fied where a good chunk of the middle aged ladees subscribe to the rather unfortunate Real Housewives of Orange County model of beauty and an itty bitty piece of crap fixer in the hills costs well over a million clams.

Anyhoo, property records show Mister Anthony purchased his Coast View Drive property in April of 2004 for $2,200,000. Listing information states the recently rehabbed and clean lined modern in the hills above town includes 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, a bed to bath ratio that makes both Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter swoon with delight.

As far as Your Mama can surmise, the multi-million dollar beach shack makes use of an upside-down program in which the bedrooms occupy the lower floor with the primary living spaces above in order to better exploit the hill side setting and stunning views over the Pacific Ocean. Our tyrannical house gurl Svetlana would surely go ballistic iffin we asked her to haul a glute busting load of groceries from the Wild Oats Market all the way up to the kitchen, but given the soo-blime view, well, it might just be worth all her hissy fittin' and hollering.

Other amenities, according to listing information, are an open plan living, dining and kitchen space with floor to ceiling walls of glass that slide open to the large adjacent terrace where Your Mama can imagine sipping gin and tonics while the sun goes down. A cozy, almost womb-like tee-vee viewing room and a small slice of lawn at the back of the house where our long bodied bitches Linda and Beverly could do their dirty bizness seals the deal for Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter.

We don't know why our Mister Anthony would list multiple properties at one time but, given the sharp decline in the market and his current lack of a regular boob-toob billet, perhaps he feels it's wise to lighten his real estate load. We'd have to concur.

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