Friday, January 2, 2009

Year End Stats

Your Mama simply can not let another day go by in this New Year without giving a sincere thank you from the very bottom of our cold dark heart to all the children who have made our little online endeavor the most fun and rewarding "job" we've ever had...and hunnies, we've had a lot of damn jobs.

We'd also like to offer our genuine gratitude to the spider web of contacts, informants and tipsters–y'all know who you are–who keep our in box and answering machine stuffed full of all juicy and pertinent details we need to keep the children entertained.

The children might like to know that, according to the page counter installed on our page, for the 2008 year we averaged 492,234 page hits per month with an average of 285,879 unique visitors. Those numbers resulted in almost six million page hits this year, which is, much to Your Mama's delight and surprise, more than double from 2007.

Honestly children, we have no idea if in the context of the blogosphere that is a lot or a little, but it far exceeds ANY expectation Your Mama ever had.

Now then, we're off to see our luddite Big Daddy who not only refuses to hook up the internet in his house that looks like a barn but lives a good 15 miles or more from the nearest any, well, any place at all let alone an establishment where we could hook up our trusty laptop computer.

So sit tight until next week when we'll be back in the civilized world with more of the celebrity real estate gossip and sassy commentary.

And for the love of Mary quit fighting and bitch slappin' with each other in the comments section or we're gonna get our our wooden spoon and let y'all have it. Hard. And if you don't think we will, well, as Your Mama and Sister Woman's peach tree switch wielding grandmother used to say when we were acting like hooligans, "You just try me."

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