Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A-Rod Walks On Shaq

According to the Miami Herald (via the South Beach Real Estate Blog) the princely paid professional baseballer Alex Rodriguez (known in ball luvin' circles as A-Rod) has walked away from his contract to purchase the$32,000,000 Shaq Shack on celebrity laden Star Island in Miami.

Apparently the Rodriguez family have changed their minds and decided they prefer to remain in the Coral Gables area where they currently own a $12,000,000 ocean front house with six bedrooms, and also where Mrs. A-Rods built in babysitter parents live in nearby Coconut Grove.

According the the Herald report, Shaq and Shaunie O'Neal are butting heads in dee-vorce court and it is in fact Shaunie who resides in the Star Island mansion. And apparently she wants to stay living there. Court papers reveal she "no longer agrees to the sale" of the palatial property. Uh oh, this is gonna get ugly children.

Shaunie lives in the 19,440 square foot mega manse with the splitting couple's four children, plus her son from a previous relationship, plus her mother. A nanny, a chef, two housekeepers and a house manager come in daily, so it's a good damn thing Shaq rakes in a reported $1,500,000 per month to pay all them people and keep Shaunie and the shorties shacked up in style.

Shaq is reported to be living elsewhere in the area, but according court papers (copies of which were provided to Your Mama by the always helpful Mister Smiley), the couple also own a lavish home in Orlando and a luxury apartment at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in downtown Los Angeles.

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