Monday, November 12, 2007

Your Mama Hears...

...that the former New York "It Boy" debutard Fabian Basabe and his La Perla lingerie heiress wifey Martina Borgomanero have recently decamped to Los Angeles, and according to our source, the couple have moved into a decidedly un-glamorous condominium on lower Sunset Plaza Drive in West Hollywood. And hunnies, it's damn rental. A rental! Now children, many dream of living on Sunset Plaza, and there's nothing wrong with this location. Unless you're uber snob Fabian Basabe.

Your Mama hopes from the bottom of our cold heart that this common folk condo is temporary while the gadabout couple hunt for more suitable and respectable digs. Honestly. Both of these kids have rich parents who can surely help them out with the down payment and then pay the mortgage on a two or three million dolla' home. Right? Maybe Fabian's father can pay the mortgage one month and and Martina's father the next.

Your Mama realizes that if you live East of the East River, and West of the Hudson River you might not have a clue who this show boating publicity hound Fabian Basabe is or why Your Mama would waste our time writing about him. But we can't help it. We just love stories about trust fund layabouts. Besides, we've read so much about him on the high-larious and mean spirited Gawker website that we're addicted to his crazy ways like a nasty crack ho.

Children, think of young Mister Basabe as a male version of Paris Hilton. Only far more articulate. He's young and glamorous in a snotty sort of way, rich (although perhaps not as rich as he might like you to think), essentially jobless (he does write a rarely updated, sometimes funny, and always bitchy blog for Paper, and for some reason people pay him to show up at parties and events), he's well connected, generally well liked by the social crowd (although not so much outside of it), and mostly he's famous for being famous.

In an effort to publicize himself (his favorite past time) and secure himself a pole position in that pantheon of "celebrities" who don't do anything but publicize themselves, he grants lots of interviews, poses for pile of pictures, goes to a lot of charity functions, spends long evenings hopping from one exclusive nightclub to another, and he appeared on that embarrassing Joe Simpson produced reality show Filthy Rich: Cattle drive, which only made him look like an ignorant, useless and spoiled asshole. (Sorry, Fabe, but it did.)

We're not sure what Mister Basabe's "professional" or real estate plans are out in La La Land. Your Mama hopes he'll be cast on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, or perhaps the even more upsetting and shocking The Surreal Life. Now that would be a-may-zing. Call your agent Fabe! We are also unnaturally interested to learn if the notoriously insular nightclub-land glitterati in Los Angeles embrace his brand of self involved fabulessness or if they leave him standing on the wrong side of the velvet rope. Perhaps Mister Basabe will be kind enough to let us know how things are going for him in LA and send us some snaps of his new rental condo.

Source: ABC News (photo)

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