Tuesday, November 6, 2007

UPDATE: Hillary Swank

Back in the summer Your Mama told the children about the big house on Paseo Miramar in Pacific Palisades that 2-time Oscar winning actress Hillary Swank purchased in March of 2007 for $5,800,000. If y'all reach into the dark recesses of your mushy minds, you'll recall that Swank bought the Pac Pal house in the aftermath of her murky dee-vorce from actor Chad Lowe and after the erstwhile New York City based couple sold their swank and lovely $7,500,000 Charles Street townhouse in the West Village.

Today Your Mama reads in NY Magazine's Movers column–a column that was kind enough to reference Your Mama this week, thank you very much–that the hard-bodied actress is on the hunt for some new New York City digs. In fact, according the article, she may have already signed on the dotted line for a two bedroom unit in the yet to be built "Superior Ink" building (pictured above) on Bethune Street in the far West Village. This is just a few short blocks from the trio of Richard Meier glass towers were Alexis Stewart (daughter of Martha) will soon be moving into a tremendous triplex she (and big bag Martha?) recently bought for a reported $35,000,000.

The Robert Stern designed building (he-man of 15 Central Park West) is scheduled to include 69 units plus a row of seven newly built single family townhouses. We're sure Mister Stern will do an elegant and sophisticated job, but honestly children, Your Mama is damn tarhd of all the fancy and freakishly expensive far West Village developments. We're just done with them. D.U.N. Don't any of the super rich and supposedly hip Manhattanites want to live anywhere else?

Anyhoo, Hillarykins, whether you land at the Superior Ink or some other superior loft building in downtown Manhattan, Your Mama would like to personally welcome you back to the Big Apple. We've got us some new party pants and a nice collection of Votivo room mists all wrapped up and ready for your housewarming party. Call us gurl.

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