Thursday, November 8, 2007

Leonard Blavatnik: The $150,000,000 Man

BUYER: Leonard Blavatnik
LOCATION: The Mark, Madison Avenue and 77th Street, New York City
PRICE: $150,000,000
SIZE: 30,000 square feet

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Russian born and Harvard educated tycoon Leonard Blavatnik has been trying to buy behemoth apartments all over town. After dumping a reported $27,500,000 for a 14 room sprawler at the uber-exclusive 998 Fifth Avenue, he reportedly wanted to purchase an adjoining apartment to combine into one mega-mansion in the sky, but the powerful board put the kibosh on that bit of real estate folly.

So what's a billionaire mogul to do? Go shopping for a new colossal crib, natch. In the process, Mister Blavatnik was reportedly turned down by the demanding and snobby boards at the San Remo (where Bono currently lives and Madonna was famously turned away), and also at the elegant 927 Fifth Avenue (home to a too nipped and tucked Mary Tyler Moore).

No doubt irate with the boards of all the better buildings, the filthy rich mogul started looking for a twonhouse and settled on booze baron Edgar Bronfman Jr.'s tremendous East 64th Street townhouse, for which Mister Blavatnik JUST paid a reported fifty million (plus) clams.

Apparently Mister Blavatnik was not entirely satisfied with the 31 foot wide townhouse with its 2.5 story indoor piazza and secret stairways, because yesterday, the NY Post's resident celebrity real estate gossip reported that the real estate obsessed fat cat is rumored to have signed a letter of intent to cough up a staggering $150,000,000 for 30,000 square feet of living space at The Mark, the legendary hotel that is currently undergoing a spectacular renovation that in addition to hotel rooms will include large suites and apartments for purchase.

According to Keil's sources, Blavatnik's triplex penthouse will span the top three floors (plus 3,900 square feet of outdoor space) of the building that anchors a super swank corner at Madison Avenue and 77th Street. The interior spaces of The Mark are being aggressively overhauled by celebrated French designer Jacques Grange who plans to install a dizzying and humorous black and white floor in the lobby. The suites and apartments are scheduled to be fitted with oak floors, Boffi kitchens and Grand-Hotel inspired baths. But given that Mister Blavatnik's obscenely humongous penthouse will be a combination of 5 units–which Kiel reports would total 23 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms and five powder rooms if sold separately–Your Mama imagines that Mister Blavatnik's army of nice gay decorators will be doing the place up in whatever fashion Mister and Missus Blavatnik see fit and are willing to pay for.

Mister Blavatnik is well known in real estate circles for his voracious appetite for outrageously priced trophy properties and, of course, Your Mama has discussed his crazy real estate ways previously. In addition to the $50,000,000+ townhouse on East 64th Street, he owns another palatial townhouse on East 63rd Street. He continues to own the big apartment at 998 Fifth Avenue, there's a spread in the Hamptons, and let's not forget his 10 bedroom, 9 bathroom $120,000,000 mega mansion in London that sits right next door to Kensington Palace, where a whole mess of royals shack up.

Children please note that the top four photos above are of the LOBBY and the floor plan is only for the top floor penthouse and roof terrace. If the rumors are true, Mister Blavatnik's triplex will include the two lower floors as well.

Now children, just how many full time gurls do you think it takes to keep all that clean?

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