Friday, November 16, 2007

Slash Sues

Gossip juggernaut TMZ is reporting that Guns and Roses guitarist Slash (real name Saul Hudson) and his wife Perla are suing real estate agent Greg Holcomb–and the Sothebys International Realty brokerage to which he is affiliated–who represented the couple in the purchase of a house high in the Hollywood Hills back in December of 2005.

Then, in the Spring of 2006 Slash quietly filed for dee-vorce.

According to one of our sources, the couple purchased the house back in December of 2005 for $6,250,000,. By the Spring of 2007, the house, which looms over de-lovely Drew Barrymore's little compound, was back on the market for $6,995,000. The sprawling 5 bedroom and 6.5 bathroom house has languished on the market and is currently listed with an asking price of $5,995,999, or for lease (with option to buy) at $50,000 per month. Yes puppies, you read that correctly, it is now listed for less than they paid.

The lawsuit alleges that the agent (and the MLS listing itself) misrepresented the size of the house, told them the house was on a private and gated street (it is in fact a gated street, but it does not appear to be a private street), and that there were issues with the title on the property about which the agent should have alerted the Hudsons. According to the suit, the Hudsons were also unhappy with the lack of parking because they like to have a lot of people over to entertain and need space for them to park their vehicles.

We can't speak on the more technical aspects of the allegations, but it would seem to Your Mama's pea brain that Mister and Missus Hudson should have been well aware of how much or how little parking there was at the property. Certainly they visited the property and checked out the parking situation before signing on the dotted line for a $6,250,000 property, didn't they?

Because, the Hudson's $1,000,000+ suit declares, Mister Holcomb did not properly represent the property or disclose alleged issues that might negatively impact the desirability of the property, the couple have suffered "grief, shame, humiliation, embarrassment, anger, worry, disappointment, nervousness, stomach disorders, backaches, loss of appetite and inability to concentrate on work." Oh dear.

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