Thursday, November 1, 2007

UPDATE: Vera Wang

Earlier this week Mister Max Abelson over at the NY Observer reported that uber rich wedding dress designer and budding lifestyle guru Vera Wang purchased her recently deceased father's massive duplex at the absurdly expensive and dee-luxe 740 Park Avenue for $23,100,000. Twenty three mee-lee-on clams people.

One might wonder why Miz Wang would have to purchase an apartment that she inherited upon her father's death. Well, the simple answer is that Miz Wang has a sibling who also inherited the apartment and if Miz Wang desired to move her own family into the palatial duplex, and she clearly did, then she had to buy her brother out for his share of the value of the apartment.

Does that mean the 10th and 11th floor monster duplex would have been priced at $46,200,000 on the open market? Good grief. Your Mama located a floor plan from the same apartment line of Miz Wang's new 740 Park duplex, but children, please understand that the layout shown here is not necessarily the exact same layout as Miz Wang's new digs which were likely tweaked and altered over the years by her parents. But the floor plan should give you an idea of the general size and scale of the very large and very grand apartment.

Lest anyone worry about Miz Wang stretching herself financially to buy daddy's apartment, keep in mind that Miz Wang's previous Park Avenue apartment recently went to contract just weeks after it screamed into the marketplace with an asking price of $35,000,000. So her 740 Park purchase is really quite a bargain for a lady with Miz Wang's vast real estate riches.

Miz Wang's former building at 778 Park Avenue is littered with quietly well to do individuals. But Nothing compares to the list of ridiculously rich neighbors at her new digs which include filthy rich Time Warner widow Courtney Sale Ross, Greek shipping tycoon Spyros Niarchos, money maven Steven Schwarzman, make-up mogul Ron Lauder, Hotel magnate Kent Swig, and hedge fun honcho David Ganek just to name a few.

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