Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kanye West is Flipping Out in Beverly Hills

SELLER: Kanye West
LOCATION: N. Crescent Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $8,699,000
SIZE: 6 bedrooms, 4 bathroom
DESCRIPTION: Truly rare offering in the prestigious flats in Beverly Hills. With park-like grounds, this magnificent property, which is approx. 34,580 square feet, will lend itself to creating the estate of your dreams. Unique opportunity to acquire one of the most outstanding and notable properties in the flats of Beverly Hills. Currently there is a 6 bedroom, 4 bath home on the property considered to be in tear-down condition. Also includes plans to build two-story contemporary by world renowned architect.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Backstage at the MTV Music Video Awards is not the only place that hip hopper Kanye West is flipping out. Oh no children. Thanks to our tipster 5 Eyes, Your Mama has learned that Mister Big Ego is also flipping out in Beverly damn Hills. See babies, property records reveal that in March of 2007, the tirading singer bought a tear down mansion on N. Crescent Drive in the flats of Beverly Hills for $7,150,000.

Now, less than nine months later, the six bedroom and 4 bathroom dump is back on the market with an asking prices of $8,699,000. Do the math puppies. That's a $1,549,000 profit (less the considerable real estate fees).

Now babies, how many times has Your Mama told you that one of the many ways the rich get richer is buying high end houses and selling them off at outrageous profits?

To be fair, the listing does say the sale includes plans for a two story contemporary house by a "world renowned architect." But those plans just can't be worth more than a million clams, can they? So no offense Mister West, but it is Your Mama's humble and meaningless opinion that your piece of shit in Bev Hills has not increased that much in value. None the less, best of luck your your flip.

Source: Pacific Coast News (photos)

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