Thursday, November 8, 2007

Star Stylist Rachel Zoe's Stylin' Pad

SELLER: Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman
LOCATION: Rising Glen Road, West Hollywood, CA
PRICE: $2,995,000
SIZE: 2,545 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Pristine mid century on coveted upper Rising Glen. Set behind private and secured gates and lush period landscaping. This sexy home has great open spaces, walls of glass, walnut floors and exquisite surfaces throughout. Large master suite with spacious walk in closet, office/convertible den and plunge pool and spa. Glass doors lead to a great indoor/outdoor flow with a covered patio and viewing promontory. A very rare offering to find such quality, taste and style.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Celebrity super stylist Rachel Zoe (rhymes with toe, children) earns upwards of $6,000 per day to dress up all the young, rich, and skinny bitches in Hollywood and send them down the red carpet looking like a too tan battalion of bone bags in $8,000 Balenciaga dresses. Although they HATE each other now, she's the brainiac responsible for transforming Nicole Richie from a chunky child of a has been soul singer into one of the world's most famous and photographed starvelets.

Thanks to a tip from the Easter Bunny, Your Mama has learned that the stick thin and under-nourished looking fashionista and her metro-sexual investment banker huzband Rodger Berman have put their mid-century-ish West Hollywood house on the market. Located way up Rising Glen Road, the couple purchased the relatively modest 2,545 square foot house in December of 2001 for $914,090. But hunnies there ain't anything modest about the $2,995,000 price tag for the 2 bedroom and 3 bathroom crib that does not even have much of a view for a house this high in the hills.

We hear from the Easter Bunny, who visited the house recently, that it's really quite lovely and dramatic with vintage Vogue magazines lying effortlessly around. And we have to agree with the Easter Bunny. Mostly. Although Miz Zoe's pointy and angular body looks terrifically uncomfortable, the house looks surprisingly comfy and cozy. The walnut floors are divine, the walls of glass that open to the outdoors make us giddy, and the low maintenance landscaping will save thousands every year on the landscaping bills.

However, we're surprised not to see a luscious and deep pile Angela Adams rug to protect the floors because Miz Zoe's spike heels must be murder on that floor. We love the covered dining area in the backyard, but we're deeply concerned about that fire pit. We know that fancy fire pits have been all the rage the last few years, but this particular pit looks a wee bit dangerous to us. Your Mama would not want to be sitting on that padded bench when the wind pushes the flame towards the house threatening to singe off our eyebrows.

And given that Miz Zoe's parents are well to do art collectors in New Jersey, we're a little surprised to see the gloriously white walls so painfully bare of good paintings and photos. It's just too bad that Mommy and Daddy didn't loan them a few choice pieces to give the place some necessary gravitas.

Anyhoo, this is clearly a starter house for these ambitious Angelenos who surely require more closet space than a small house like this can possibly offer. Your Mama assumes the couple will be moving on to bigger and better digs in a slightly more swank location.

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