Friday, November 9, 2007

The Johnny Depp Real Estate Rumor Mill

BUYER: Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis
LOCATION: Somerset, England
PRICE: $2,725,000 (approx.)

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: According to the Rupert Murdoch's British uber tabloid The Sun, American expat actor Johnny Depp and his French lady lover Vanessa Paradis have purchased a humongous 150 year old mansion in Somerset, England.

According to Ms. Wonderland, the British lovely who tipped us off to the Sun article, the West Country behemoth sits in the Quantock Hills, a gorgeous rural area not known for mammoth mansions or big name celebrity residents.

The article in The Sun reports that Meester Depp and Missus Paradis have embarked on a massive and expensive renovation to the tune of $5,000,000. When completed, the old hunting lodge will reportedly feature dee-luxe amenities like a tennis court, an indoor pool, and a helipad, natch.

Interestingly, another article from The Sun, dated October 29, reports that Meester Depp was turned away at the trendy Fox and Goose pub in Fressingfield, Suffolk where he "is reportedly looking for a home in the area." Hmm. That's odd. One quick look at a map tell Yours Mama that Fressingfield is nowhere near the Quantuck Hills, so make of The Sun reports what you will.

Meester Depp has no shortage of houses to call home around the world. The highly paid actor owns properties in the South of France and a 45 acre private island in the Bahamas. In Los Angeles the Depp digs include a huge spread just above Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood previously owned by Bela Lugosi and celebrity divorce attorney Marvin Mitchelson, and recently the actor dropped $2,100,000 on a penthouse at the turquoise Eastern Columbia building in a rather unsavory part of downtown LA.

Source: The Sun (photo)

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