Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dear Mister Big Time...

...Our sources tell Your Mama that the answer to today's "Who's Houses Is/Was This" is former Go Go guitarist Jane Wiedlin.

Mister BTL also reports that Miz Wiedlin is go-going downtown to a recently purchased a $695,000 6th floor condo at the Little Tokyo Lofts.

We don't dispute Mister BTL's facts, he has a way with them facts after all, but Your Mama is sorta surprised that Miz Wiedlin would give up a gorgeous 1930 streamlined moderne in Silverlake with 3 bedrooms and 2,053 square foot for a relatively small "loft" in a not so savory part of downtown Los Angeles. Yes people, we know all the new loft conversion downtown are attracting all sorts of celebs, but still. Perhaps Miz Wiedlin has purchased an LA pied a terre and will be living elsewhere? Anyone? Bueller?

The Silverlake house, built by noted architect William Kessling and known as the Skinner House, was purchased by Atlanta-based decorator William Stewart whom Your Mama presumes will do a better job decorating the place than Miz Wiedlin did. A round bed with horse paintings in the master bedroom? Come on gurl. Your Mama loves us the Go Gos, but this decor is a no no.

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