Friday, November 9, 2007

Nicole Richie Rejected

Put on your thinking caps children and see if you can follow us through knocked up starvlet Nicole Richie's recent real estate whirligig.

Miz Richie recently put her 2,246 square foot West Hollywood condo on the market for $2,300,000 and she's been shacking up at her baby daddy Joel Madden's recently renovated mini-manse in suburban Glendale.

Your Mama then read (but we can't remember where) that the expecting couple was on the hunt for a new home to raise baby in Calabasas or some other western suburb far from the maddening crowds on Robertson Boulevard.

Then all the news broke about Miz Richie's filthy rich daddy paid $1,200,000 for actor Dennis Franz's Century City condo as a gift for the unmarried parents to be. To be honest, Your Mama never understood this purchase unless it was meant as some kind of pied a terre for the Richie/Madden clan to hole up near her mother's Bel Air behemoth on Funchal Road and her father's newly built mansion on Copley Place overlooking the Los Angeles Country Club.

More recent reports have said that Miz Richie, clearly the muscle in that relationship, did not want to raise her baby in the valley and wanted to live closer to her parents, so the couple was eyeing a $7,000,000 Century City condo. Although we can not confirm (did you READ that numb skulls, we can not confirm), but Your Mama is pretty sure the photos above are the condo/house the Richie/Maddens had hoped to purchase. The four bedroom and 6 bathroom house on Century Woods Drive is on the market for $7,250,000. But alas...

Earlier today, 5 Eyes sent Your Mama a link to US Magazine who reports that the paparazzi magnets were "denied by residents who were concerned about photographers hovering near their homes." Dee-nied! A source told US that Miz Richie "was livid because she loved the house." Bummer.

Maybe the glossy gossip magazine favorites should consider buying Avril Lavigne's Mulholland Estates house that is currently on the market for $6,200,000 and sits just a few doors down from Miz Richie's childhood bff Paris Hilton's new pad.

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