Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Little Steven Spielberg Gossip

According to the real estate gossip gurls at Newsday, rumors and whispers abound that the Los Angeles based and exuberantly rich film director Steven Spielberg may be expanding his Georgica Pond holdings in glitzy and ritzy East Hampton. Anyone who has ever been to the Hamptons already knows that Mister Spielberg and his lovely wifey Kate Capshaw have long owned a sprawling Gwathmey Seigel designed compound on multiple parcels on Apaquogue Road,which just a short walk in flip flops to Georgica Beach.

The neighborhood, widely considered to be one of the better locations in the Hamptons if you can afford it, is positively littered with the rich and famous including writer Nora Ephron, real estate billionaire Steven Roth, and just around the corner is big bad Martha Stewart's meticulously maintained mansion on Lily Pond Lane.

Here's what's being reported and gossiped all up and down Main Street in East Hampton: A 3.3 acre property fronting Georgica Pond (pictured above) and just two doors down from Mister Spielberg's contemporary compound was for sale with a $19,950,000 asking price. The well located property recently went to contract, and everyone wonders if it's being purchased for Mister Spielberg through the very same California-based attorney whose name appears on the property records for his other Apaquogue Road properties. Not surprisingly, the attorney, Gerald Breslauer, declined to comment.

According to listing information, the property includes a classic 4,500 square foot shingled summer cottage with 6 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, two living rooms, two fireplaces, two kitchens and a "commodious" porch, an excellent feature for sitting quietly sipping stiff gin and tonics with a big book or a pile of glossy tabs and listening to the waves crash in the not so far distance. An additional building includes a three car garage with an attached 2 bedroom and 1 bath guest quarters. Or more likely staff rooms because let's be honest, most of the really rich people out in the Hamptons don't summer without at least a couple of staff to cater to their every summer whim.

The children will note that these days $19,950,000 might buy a nice sized property fronting posh Georgica Pond, but it will not get you a swimming pool, a tennis court or air conditioning. And it may not even buy you heat because Your Mama is not even sure this house has a modern heating system. According to a Hamptons real estate agent interviewed by the real estate gossip gurls at Newsday, the property is probably being purchased as a tear down because, "It's all about land value."
Here's what perplexes Your Mama and has our little pea brain tied up in knots. What does a man like Steven Spielberg need with yet another screamingly expensive property on Apaquogue Road? Especially one that is not even contiguous with his current summer residence (pictured above). One might not be foolish to think his big ass compound with at least four residential structures, a swimming pool, acres of perfectly maintained lawn and a barn and riding ring would be enough to house and host his family and friends. Right? But if we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times, who is Your Mama to question the real estate machinations of the famous and ridiculously rich?

Photo: Richard Bryant/Arcaid

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